Metafour have restored my confidence in IT projects. The implementation always felt like a
joint venture, and Metafour were fantastic at listening to feedback and tailoring the process

Caroline Sillett, Finance Director


ILG is a market-leading provider of fulfilment and delivery services. Founded in 1990, and now a Yusen Logistics Company, ILG deliver outsourced order fulfilment, third-party logistics and global delivery services for a range of industries. The company has over 240 employees across 7 Sussex warehouse locations and has a particularly strong clientele among luxury eCommerce brands, who trust them to uphold the high-quality handling, pick & pack, and delivery that their customers deserve. Their goal is simple. It is to make the fulfilment process seamless and efficient – helping businesses to be more successful.


ILG needed a multi-carrier solution to help manage its large selection of carriers. A choice of customer service tools was important to the company, as was the ability to provide delivery updates. Prior to NetCourier, track was offered to customers, but it was resource heavy and reactive which proved challenging in a fast, global supply chain. Staff dealt with many incoming queries, and clients were left with limited visibility of their shipments.


After comparing several software suppliers, Metafour was chosen thanks to the flexibility of the software and its adaptability to ILG’s specific workflows. Working closely with ILG, the Metafour team designed, developed and deployed an end-to-end courier solution across 7 sites, whilst collaborating with existing
fulfilment and WMS software partners. Metafour were able to utilise its years of industry experience to overcome the company’s existing processing bottlenecks. The result of this collaboration was the creation of a centralised system for all ILG’s suppliers, from which bookings, label printing, and tracking could be

“The Metafour team were both flexible and challenging. This approach provided a great balance to ensure we collectively delivered a great product for our customers.”

Tom Ashley, Client Services & IT Director

The ability to allow their client to print labels onsite through the intuitive booking portal reduced daily warehouse processing times significantly and allowed ILG to offer their customers an extended collection cut-off time. The booking portal also helped to decrease time spent answering queries
and improve client relationships by providing ILG’s customers with enhanced visibility and control.

Further efficiencies came from these time-saving additions, which was an important benefit for a company undergoing a period of rapid growth. They allowed staff to concentrate on value added services and customer focused activities.

ILG’s fulfilment and delivery services are now easier to use, more efficient, and more cost effective than ever, laying the essential groundwork for a profitable ongoing business.

In numbers

  • 6 hours saved daily through added operational efficiency
  • 5,000+ orders shipped daily across the globe
  • 7 ILG sites