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Outbound Mailroom Software

Our outbound mailroom software module helps to simplify your external deliveries and save valuable time.

From comparing services and booking the most cost-effective option; to full track and trace visibility, our all-in-one system delivers immediate and lasting value for corporate mailrooms.

It allows you to automate manual processes by gathering all necessary details and creating all relevant documentation in one place, speeds up query resolution by creating an accurate audit trail, and helps ensure you are meeting SLAs thanks to our transparent reporting tool.

How does MetaMail Outbound mailroom software work?

What does MetaMail Outbound mailroom software include?

Connect directly with a wide range of third-party couriers. Our system offers effortless access to global, regional, and local delivery companies, with rate-shopping, real-time bookings, full track and trace capabilities, plus internal or third-party label printing.

Reduce your courier spend with our comprehensive pricing algorithms. Allow your users to compare rates across all of your couriers and choose the best service, or centralise bookings in the mailroom to help your margins. Mailroom staff can also amend orders booked by your clients to a more appropriate choice.

Reduce data entry by allowing users to book their own deliveries at any time, from any location. Our effortless web portal not only offers full address book management; full track and trace information can also be viewed, helping to manage user expectations.

Minimise errors, reduce mailroom intervention, and streamline your processes with our flexible tailored workflows. The highly customisable software allows you to adapt your system to meet each customers’ required service levels, whilst reducing operational costs.

Reduce the cost of processing payments with our accounting facilities. The invoice reconciler will compare supplier invoices against agreed costs to highlight discrepancies that may otherwise be overlooked. Spend can also be monitored, so areas for cost-saving can be identified.

With easy integration between our inbound and outbound modules, together they create a complete mailroom management package.

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