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What Is Internal Parcel Tracking Software?

Internal parcel tracking software allows you to manage your entire in-house delivery process from mailroom to recipient, and back again. It ensures that any packages entering your building or organisation can be tracked and traced, minimising the risk of damages and loss. Parcels are logged into the system, an email notification is sent to the recipient, and the item is then delivered directly to a specific location, person, or locker for collection later. Proofs of delivery are captured using the messenger app, either as an electronic signature, photo of an identification card, or by scanning a unique QR code. This helps to create a complete chain of custody for every item, which can be viewed in real time by your mailroom staff or end-users.

Who needs internal parcel tracking software?

Any building, business, or company that needs to redistribute incoming post to other recipients, or collects multiple packages for dispatch should invest in internal parcel tracking software. Automating manual procedures ensures that these deliveries can be processed quickly and that there is accountability throughout the entire chain. It also helps to improve customer service by improving visibility and reducing queries.

What are the benefits of MetaMail internal parcel tracking software?

There are a multitude of reasons why companies and building managers should invest in internal parcel tracking software.


    1.  By logging the parcel throughout every step of its journey you can create a full chain of custody. Somebody is accountable for each item throughout each stage of the process, and this information is available in real-time. Where the package is, who has it, when it was received, when it was delivered, and all proofs of delivery are easily accessible via the Client Portal and Back Office set-up. This is especially important for mailrooms who face regulatory compliance standards.


    1. Setting up MetaMail allows you to centralise and standardise your building processes. It helps you to create one point of contact for your mailroom, which is especially important if you have to support multiple locations or people working from home. Doing this improves your organisational resilience, as the flexible system can be adjusted to your current and future business requirements.


    1. Investing in this solution helps to reduce your costs. Not only are there no IT infrastructure costs as it is hosted, supported and continually developed by us, but the inbuilt analytics can help highlight areas of potential saving. By having a better visibility of your people, bottlenecks, delivery stats, peak times, and exceptions you can identify areas of improvement. Using this data to streamline your processes enables you to allocate your resources exactly when and where they are needed, whilst increasing speed and accuracy.


    1. Customer experience is greatly increased by using this internal parcel tracking software. By digitising the delivery process and creating end-to-end tracking, queries caused by delayed, damaged, or lost items are greatly reduced. Sending automatic notifications to recipients not only improves the quality of your customer service, but also reduces time spent on manual data entry.


  1. As a cloud-based solution, this internal parcel tracking software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Inputting, tracking, and reporting features are easy to access via the Client Portal and Back Office systems, by both your recipients and mailroom staff. Being able to work from anywhere makes this system adaptable to ever-changing circumstances.

How does our internal parcel tracking software work?

MetaMail is a flexible system that can be adapted to buildings or companies that redistribute mail. There are two main parts of the software:


MetaMail Inbound
  1. Items arrive at the mailroom, and are logged into the system
  2. A notification is sent to the recipient that a package was delivered
  3. The parcels are allocated to specific messengers to be distributed throughout the organisation or building
  4. Depending on requirements, the parcel is then delivered to a person, location, kept in the mailroom for later collection, or left securely in a locker
  5. A proof of delivery is collected by the messenger, or the recipient collects the item from the locker using a unique pin or QR code
  6. All of the tracking information is synced with the system at all required milestones (details are stored ready to upload if the rugged handheld or smartphone does not have internet connectivity)


MetaMail Outbound
  1. The sender least-cost routes a delivery with the most suitable courier service available via the Client Portal, and prints off a delivery label. Alternatively, they take it to a locker for internal collection or to send to the mailroom.
  2. The parcel is either collected by another internal recipient via email instructions, or the messengers for external delivery
  3. If collected by for external delivery, the mail is consolidated by the mailroom, and handed over to the courier
  4. The tracking information is fed back into MetaMail to create a full audit trail

Why choose MetaMail internal parcel tracking?

As industry leaders, we have decades of experience with providing high quality internal parcel tracking software used by Fortune 100 businesses, facilities management companies, and other global firms. Our in-house team is always on hand to help you with consultation, implementation, support, training, and maintenance, whilst your dedicated Account Manager is there to ensure you make the most of your investment and end up with a system that meets all of your needs.

We consult with our customers, keep up to date with industry trends, and consistently seek out new technologies to ensure that our solutions remain at the cutting edge. Recent developments include our locker integrations, which are the perfect solution for hybrid living. They offer a secure location to store your packages if the recipient is unavailable for immediate collection. They also help you save time by creating a centralised delivery location, whilst also protecting your staff by reducing the need for face to face handovers.

We Are The Internal Parcel Tracking Experts!

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