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Carrier Integration

Integrate and automate seamlessly with over 40 carriers.

Seamlessly connect with over 40 global, regional and local carriers, automating booking & tracking, dramatically reducing manual double entry and errors.

  • Easily connect to your chosen delivery partners.
  • Automate booking and tracking.
  • Eliminate double entry and errors.
  • Reduce processing time by over 50%.

The difference maker

Metafour’s superpower is your secret weapon.
Book with over 40 existing carrier APIS
Save time and money
Expand your reach
Current Integrations.

Rate Shopping

Compare carrier rates and services to get the best delivery option every time.

Allow your customers to compare shipping options to get the best service at the best rate, at the right time.

  • Least-cost route your deliveries.
  • Sort by service, cut-off time, or cost.
  • Integrates with all popular carriers.
  • Sell all of your services in one place.
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Intelligently compare rates: Metafour’s rate comparison software analyses rates across all available services and can advise on the best delivery option for each and every job.

Automate decision making: Our powerful rates engine can be programmed to automatically prioritise cost, pickup times, or delivery times and will even consider weekends and public holidays in its calculations.

Ensure profitability: Allow your customers to use rate shopping on the online customer portal, or let your staff use this powerful tool to help them make the best possible profit on each and every job. 


Perfect for 3PLs, outsourced logistics, and retail fulfilment companies.

Sitting between your customer’s ERP or WMS and your parcel carriers, it helps create a seamless supply chain and streamlines your entire delivery process. The API ensures easy transfer of your bookings between your third parties, and even ensures that full tracking can be sent back to your customers.

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  • Integrate Metafour with existing systems in your supply chain.
  • Delight your customers by automating the booking process.
  • Book from ERP, WMS or any other third-party system.
  • Al open booking API for anyone to integrate to.

customer bookings.

Integrate to your customers internal systems, eCommerce platforms, warehouse management systems and more to automate the booking process.

With Metafour, you can create a world-class delivery supply chain without the manual booking for either your customer or your staff.

  • Data can be accepted from any system effortlessly, to create a booking within the Metafour system.
  • Full Label and tracking information is then pulled back and sent to your clients for a seamless customer experience


Integration & Automation

How can Metafour automate the customer booking process?

Metafour’s powerful API makes it possible to connect high volume corporate customers and mailrooms to automate the customer booking process, eliminating manual entries, and providing real-time tracking data. You can also automate supplier interactions, eliminate double entry, and automate sending and allocation of collections and deliveries to third parties.

Can I export data to my accounts package?

Yes. We support data exports to all major accounts packages, including Xero, Opera, QuickBooks, Sage Line 50, Sage Cloud, Pegasus, Cargowise, Coda Accounts, and Shireburn. Other custom exports can be created upon request.

The carrier integration I need isn’t on your list. What can we do?

We are always adding new global, regional, and local carriers to our portfolio, so please get in touch with our team to see if we have plans to add it. Alternatively, our in-house development team.

Does your delivery software have an API?

We have several services that allow effortless transfer of data between your systems to NetCourier and between NetCourier and your chosen carriers.

Can I get technical information about your API?

Sure. Just get in touch with us at

How can I get orders into NetCourier?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to transfer your order data. Firstly, inputting orders directly into the system is easy to do via our integrated Client Portal. You can give your clients a unique log in, and they can make their own bookings. Our QuickShip app and API are perfect for those who want to save time uploading bulk orders.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

If you’re looking to streamline your delivery process and offer your customers a seamless booking experience. Metafour’s courier software API is the way to go.

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