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Courier Integrations

Connect to 40+ 3rd Party Carrier Integrations for Streamlined Shipping

Metafour integrates with over 40 of the most popular Overnight, International, and Sameday suppliers. Our courier software posts bookings directly into your chosen supplier systems and returns their labels and tracking. This eliminates the need for manual double entry and reduces data errors.


Benefits of our 3rd party integrations


  • Eliminate double entry and errors 
  • Reduce processing time by over 50% 
  • Grow your foot print 
  • Maximise your margin 
  • Get the best delivery option every time 


Integrations: Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiencies



Based on the booking details, Metafour will least-cost route your deliveries between multiple third party carrier accounts, ensuring maximum profitability on each and every shipment. Prioritise carrier selection by time, cost, or best fit based on your clients needs, to get the best delivery every time. Our portfolio of carrier integrations includes all major international carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS & TNT, as well as a range of domestic networks. 


Dont turn down valuable revenue streams. Using our range of ready to use third party integrations, you can grow your delivery footprint, or become a broker of third party services, helping you scale.

NetCourier Integrations

Whether you ship internationally or locally, our extensive list of global, regional, and local carrier integrations will help you to seamlessly manage your business. We currently have over 30 different connections, and are continually increasing and upgrading our portfolio.

Other integrations include
DPD, DPD Local, APC,
NetCourier, and

Other partnerships


We work with the innovative what3words to ensure that NetCourier can help reduce the time and money spent dealing with imprecise addresses.

“Working with the Metafour team has been brilliant. They are very responsive and great to work with, no complaints whatsoever. Our implementer Lloyd was a real star, holding our hand every step of the way and always being on hand to answer questions.”

Managing Director – BlueSky Global Solutions


We Are The Courier Software Experts

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