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Unlocking Business Efficiency With Our Mailroom Software

With a constant flow of items through your mailroom, organisation is a major issue. Over 150 companies worldwide have benefited from the creation of a secure chain of custody for their important deliveries with the introduction of MetaMail mailroom software.

Why Choose MetaMail Mailroom Software?

Clear audit trail

Create a full chain of custody from delivery to desk and back. MetaMail mailrooom software features full track and trace to establish seamless accountability throughout the entire delivery journey.

Increase security

Be certain of full security compliance with our cloud-based, fully hosted SaaS system. Our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate that your data is our priority.

Improve service levels

Ensure your porters or delivery teams are fulfilling your SLA by monitoring delivery service levels through this enterprise level system. Reports are easy to generate to offer full visibility.

Reduce costs

Save time and resources by automating your manual processes. Creating efficient, tailored workflows can produce significant savings in labor costs whilst reducing expensive mailroom errors.

Monetise your data

Transform Your Data into Revenue: Harness insights from our software to drive strategic decisions and unlock untapped revenue streams in your mailroom operations.

Enhance customer service

Speed up query resolution by allowing end-users to view their tracking and status reports anytime, anywhere from the cloud-based web portal. Users can also book jobs and print third-party labels.

Transform Your Mailroom Operations

Inbound And Outbound Mailroom Software Modules

Our MetaMail mailroom software features both an inbound and outbound module. Usable by themselves, or together to create a complete corporate mailroom solution, they will help your organisation create a full audit trail for items sent via your post room.

Our inbound mailroom tracking software module empowers you to monitor and trace incoming goods across your organisation seamlessly. Establishing a transparent chain of custody, it significantly reduces the risk of loss or delay. Additionally, it provides critical insights into service levels, such as staff productivity and processing timelines.

Our outbound mailroom tracking software simplifies your delivery process, saves valuable time, and reduces expenses. From comparing services using our rate-shopping features to booking the most cost-effective option and offering full tracking capabilities, our all-in-one system delivers immediate and lasting value.

Mailroom Tracking Software Integrations

Experience unparalleled control over your delivery process with our advanced mailroom tracking software. It’s not just about cost savings and efficiency; it’s also about enhancing dispatching operations through Metafour’s mapping module for route/run planning and real-time driver allocation.

Navigate your mailroom effortlessly with our track and trace features, leading to improved management and delivery performance. Our software places route management and run planning at the heart of your dispatch operations, ensuring a level of precision and efficiency unmatched by conventional methods. Elevate your dispatch operations to new heights with our comprehensive mailroom tracking software solution.

Parcel Locker Partners

Nott Office are the power behind HUBLOK intelligent parcel delivery lockers. Their beautiful designs plus MetaMail’s innovative software create a unique parcel and delivery collection point that is perfect for both residential and commercial environments.

With the boom in ecommerce showing no signs of slowing down, more and more goods are being handled by receptions and mailrooms. By introducing our intelligent lockers it is possible to reduce the resources required to organise these deliveries, minimising costs and saving time. They also help to create a full chain of custody, ensuring that items do not get lost before they have reached their destination.

Lockers can not only be used as secure storage for incoming mail, accessible via unique QR or pass code even when your reception or mailroom is closed. They can also be used as pick up points for couriers or inter-building deliveries.

Manufactured and serviced in the UK, Nott Office’s lockers can be designed to blend in or stand out with your building, thanks to their in-house design team. A selection of colours or woods can be chosen as finishing touches, or the design can even be wrapped in a beautiful custom-designed, high end furniture vinyl.

If you would like to learn more about Nott Office, please visit their website.

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