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Inbound Mailroom Software

Our inbound mailroom software module allows you to track and trace incoming goods throughout your organisation.

Not only does it cut the risk of loss or delay by offering complete accountability throughout the delivery process, but it also allows you to measure crucial service levels such as staff productivity and processing timescales.

The software also helps to improve your customer experience thanks to its industry leading web portal and automatic email notifications.

How Does MetaMail Inbound Mailroom Software Work?

How Does MetaMail Inbound Mailroom Software Work?

Deliver with precision using our enterprise level track and trace system. You can record and manage all incoming items from mailroom to desk to create a full audit trail for every parcel, thereby helping to eliminate administrative errors.

Increase the speed and accuracy of your deliveries with MetApp. Sitting at the heart of our inbound module, it allows you to capture and upload tracking events and proof of deliveries via compatible rugged handhelds or smartphones.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with our flexible user portal. The highly-configurable design offers your end-users a seamless delivery experience, with up to the minute tracking, plus email alerts. By ensuring that the information they want is available at their fingertips, you can reduce the time spent on query resolution.

Analyse and improve your service levels with DataSense. Our integrated reporting tool offers detailed management data, ensuring activity levels, trends, and costs are fully transparent. You can effortlessly report on every aspect of MetaMail, from the number of jobs down to individual performance.

By itself this module helps you to streamline your operations and create a fully accountable system. When combined with our outbound module, it produces a comprehensive mailroom solution.

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