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E-Commerce Fulfilment Software

Our order management system is the perfect option for 3PLs, outsourced logistics, and retail fulfilment companies. Sitting between your customer’s retail site and your parcel carriers, it helps to create a seamless supply chain and streamlines your entire delivery process. The API ensures easy transfer of your bookings between your third parties, and even ensures that full tracking can be sent back to your customers. Additionally, NetCourier will allow you to save money on every shipment by intelligently selecting the most suitable carrier service available.

Connect your eCommerce platforms, WMS and couriers
Accept jobs by bulk uploads in multiple formats or via the system’s API
Create rules to place your order for the best service for the consignment
Generate third-party labels from the client portal
Receive customer information and tracking data

Seamlessly Connect All of Your Fulfilment Software

Our eCommerce fulfilment software acts as a single point of integration for your eCommerce platforms, warehouse management systems, order management systems, and carriers. Sitting between your shopping site and parcel carrier, it helps to create a world-class delivery supply chain. Data can be accepted from all of the major eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, and Amazon, and once in the system effortlessly transferred to the relevant carrier. Full tracking information is then pulled back and sent to your clients for a seamless customer experience.

  • End-to-end delivery management software
  • Import orders from all major eCommerce platforms
  • Print all third-party labels
  • Least-cost route deliveries
  • Pull back full tracking information from carriers

Comprehensive Carrier Integrations with Label Printing and Tracking

We have a host of local, national, and global carrier connections to help you create a network that is tailored to your unique business needs. These integrations include major delivery companies, such as DPD, FedEx, UPS and Royal Mail, and we are constantly striving to develop new connections. Our eCommerce fulfilment software allows you to smoothly upload your data either by API, manual upload, or via our QuickShip application. This is then sent to the carrier, and labels are returned. Once with the courier company, all tracking details are returned back to the order management system so you can offer a seamless customer service.

  • Easy data transfer via API and bulk upload
  • Access and print all labels from one place
  • Only one printer required for all labels
  • Automatically create all customs documents
  • End-to-end order tracking

Intelligent Rate Shopping Screen with Powerful Rules Engine

Our dynamic eCommerce fulfilment software allows you to optimise your shipping. The sophisticated algorithms lets you tailor your delivery options to meet each of your customer’s needs; for instance, they can ensure that certain parcels are least-cost routed via the most relevant supplier, or that every delivery is sent with a next-day service. This flexibility helps you to increase your margins whilst maintaining a high standard of customer service.

  • Easily switch between carriers to reduce costs
  • Flexible combination of integrations available
  • Filter by cheapest service, fastest pick-up, or quickest delivery
  • Create shipping rules based on weight and destination
  • Boost productivity with automatic carrier selections

Advanced Analytics Tools

Your information is at your fingertips with our integrated reporting tools. The dashboard allows you to build reports based on all of your system data, so that you can reveal valuable business insights. These can be set to be emailed out on a regular schedule so you can keep a close eye on your profits, your clients, and your staff. This information can then be used to leverage your supplier and customer relationships, stay ahead of your competition, and ultimately grow your business.

  • Effortlessly monetise your data
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Set-up regular email updates
  • Spot cost reduction and service improvement opportunities
  • Stay ahead of your competition

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