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Reduction on in-bound phone queries.


International offices in an extensive network.

"Decades at the forefront of the logistics and distribution industry."

BlueSky Global Solutions has spent decades at the forefront of the logistics and distribution industry.

This experience, combined with their use of cutting-edge technologies, ensures that their customers can achieve their own strategic and financial aims.

Situated in Colnbrook, Slough, the company is in the perfect position to provide domestic and international solutions for their clients’ needs.

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“Limited in functionality, which hindered their room for growth.”

BlueSky’s existing courier solution was limited in functionality, which hindered their room for growth. Staff would spend hours working on supplier invoice reconciliation, and at times reporting felt inaccurate. The lack of updates was also a concern, and the system was quickly becoming outdated.

They got in touch with Metafour as they were looking for a modern software solution, which would provide them with an excellent customer experience whilst giving them room to grow. Moving platforms was a daunting proposition for BlueSky, with concerns surrounding set up and learning to use a new system. They were also keen that any software supplier they chose would be constantly innovating and looking to bring them new solutions.

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“Working with the Metafour team has been brilliant. They are very responsive and great to work with”

– Simone DeGiorgio, Managing Director

Our software streamlined BlueSky’s operations and facilitated a seamless transition to the new NetCourier system. The intuitive Client Portal minimised disruption to end users, reducing training needs. The portal also provided added value by consolidating customer access to jobs, invoices, and full tracking transparency, cutting inbound phone queries by over 50%.

BlueSky efficiently utilised NetCourier’s standard reporting tools, saving time on supplier invoice reconciliation and P&L reports. Customised folder views enabled targeted data access for further analysis. Metafour introduced MetApp, a smartphone application connecting drivers to the core NetCourier system. Assigning collections on the go proved crucial, and real-time connectivity ensured immediate tracking visibility to BlueSky’s customers.

MetApp eliminated the need to call drivers, saving time and reducing errors. Drivers gained the ability to apply tracking and collect signatures directly, marking a significant improvement. BlueSky’s transition to NetCourier increased efficiency, streamlining the customer service process and allowing them to focus on growth and revenue while maintaining confidence in their software’s industry-leading position.

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