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Courier Mapping And Tracking Software

Track and trace your deliveries with ease

Enhance visibility

Courier Route Management Software

Route management and run planning is at the core of our courier mapping and tracking software. It’s a comprehensive route-building tool that allows users to see and build out all routes in advance, and schedule and plan distribution services to keep your daily operations running smoothly.

Identify the best drivers to complete additional shipments
Identify inefficiencies in itineraries
Enable your company to take on more work
Keep your drivers at capacity
Keep your business making money

The Game Changer in Dispatching

Dispatching is the backbone of your delivery business. It can also be one of the most challenging aspects of your business. Take your dispatching to the next level with Metafour’s Mapping and Tracking module for route/run planning, and live driver allocation. 


Improve Fleet Management and driver performance with our courier mapping and tracking software

Our courier mapping and tracking software uses live maps to help you contextualise your real-time delivery data to help you better assign work to your fleet. With advanced tools to tackle the logistical challenges involved in driver assignments, you not only help dispatchers make smart calls on the fly, you pave the way for better fleet management and increased driver performance. Reducing waste in time and cost. Using the Google Maps integration, you can identify the best drivers to complete additional shipments, find holes in itineraries that can allow your company to take on more work, keep your drivers at capacity, and keep your business making money.

Allocate bookings simply and quickly

Our fleet mapping screen offers Google Maps integration with real-time driver view and live congestion. When combined with our active driver screen, your operations team can easily allocate bookings based on distance and traffic flow directly using the interactive controller map. Simply drag and drop the bookings into different orders to prioritise specific jobs and update driver runs. The screen will even work out an estimated time of arrival.

Driver payments 

Work out your drivers earnings based on a range of available driver pay mechanisms. Set different rates for different drivers or for different types of work and fully customise rate and payment structures.

  • Interactive controller map for dispatchers 
  • Birds eye view live driver locations, collections and deliveries
  • Run planning with google maps view 
  • Driver drill down 
  • Real-time fleet view with congestion and ETA
  • Signature and photographic PODs

We Are The Courier Software Experts

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