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Leading Delivery Software for courier companies and corporate mailrooms.

Compare service, label, send, track, sign, deliver.

With 4 decades of expertise and innovation in the courier & mailroom industries, Metafour has developed world-class delivery software that streamlines your entire delivery process, helping reduce costs, delight customers and scale fast.


Backed by four decades of industry-leading Courier Delivery Software innovation.

Established in 1980, our four decades of relentless re-investment in our product has ensured that we are the go-to company for all types of courier and logistics companies; not only locally, but nationally and globally.


We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service from your initial enquiry to the implementation of your project, and beyond.


Our core software solutions


Courier Software

Streamline your entire delivery process in an easy-to-use, intuitive cloud platform, enabling significant cost and time savings.

From comparing shipping options and prices through our Rate Shopping engine, bookings, and scheduling pick-ups; to label printing, delivery tracking, and invoicing; our courier delivery management software is the perfect end-to-end delivery software solution.

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Save valuable time with seamless delivery of inbound and outbound mail with Metamail Mailroom Software

Send, track, trace incoming and outgoing deliveries throughout your organization with a secure audit trail from point A to B.

See how it works

Powerful Features:

Booking portal

Our white-labeled Client Portal provides user-friendly tools and enhanced communications to give your clients everything they need when they need it.

Rate shopping

Allow your customers to compare shipping options to get the best service at the best rate, at the right time.

Carrier integrations

Seamlessly connect with over 40 global, regional and local carriers, automating booking & tracking, reducing double entry errors.

Visual reporting

Our fully integrated report builder allows you to get powerful insights on your system to make informed business decisions.


Our secure, fully-hosted system gives you peace of mind. We are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified.

100% cloud based

Our delivery management software (and your data) is hosted & managed on high-level, secure Web Servers.

Industries we serve

Our Courier Software caters for Small, Medium & Large couriers, including international, overnight, sameday, and virtual couriers/brokers, as well as freight, and fulfilment companies including 3PL.

Metamail Mailroom Software is used by FM (Facility Management) providers, corporate head offices, and multi-branch companies.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

With decades of industry knowledge, our in-house experts are always on hand to help.

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Signed, sealed, delivered.

With decades of industry knowledge, our in-house experts are always on hand to help.

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What is delivery management software?

Delivery management software streamlines all delivery tasks, including job assignment, route planning, live tracking, and proof of delivery. It provides transparency to customers, allowing them to track their goods’ progress efficiently. This software improves delivery operations and enhances customer satisfaction.

How can our delivery software streamline operations for courier companies in the UK?

We offer a comprehensive delivery software solution that streamlines operations for courier companies, enabling them to save time and reduce costs. Our software facilitates rate shopping, scheduling, tracking, and invoicing, all within an easy-to-use platform.

What features does our delivery software provide to enhance corporate mailroom efficiency?

Our delivery software is equipped with robust features to enhance mailroom efficiency, including seamless tracking of inbound and outbound mail, ensuring a secure audit trail from start to finish within the organisation.

Does our delivery software support integrations with various carriers?

Yes, our software proudly supports over 40 carrier integrations, providing a smooth connection with global, regional, and local carriers, which streamlines the booking and tracking process and minimises manual entry errors.

What level of experience and support do we offer with our delivery software?

With over four decades of experience in the delivery software industry, we offer unparalleled support, guiding our clients from their first enquiry through to the full implementation of their project, and beyond.

How does our delivery software adapt as a business grows?

We understand the dynamics of a growing business, so our delivery software is designed with a modular, sliding-scale pricing model. Being 100% cloud-based, it allows for effortless scaling to meet the growing needs of our clients.