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MetaMail Mailroom Tracking Software For All

In the bustling age of E-commerce and digital correspondence, the importance of effective mail management cannot be understated. With the vast influx of packages and letters entering large establishments daily, tracking each item might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where MetaMail steps in, offering state-of-the-art mailroom tracking software that not only tracks each parcel’s journey but ensures it seamlessly reaches its intended destination.

MetaMail is the total mailroom solution. Used by hundreds of teams in over 250 cities worldwide, our mailroom tracking software is the perfect option for any building or organisation looking to track their deliveries.

The innovative mailroom tracking software helps you modernise all aspects of your mailroom. Unlike other software on the market, our cutting-edge technology not only allows you to manage your inbound deliveries but your outgoing mail too. It allows you to create a complete digital delivery log and ensure that every package reaches its rightful owner no matter where they are in the world. It is the ultimate addition to improve your operations and scale your mail processes.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of how this robust system transforms the mailroom into a hub of efficiency and precision.

Who would benefit from this software?

MetaMail’s mailroom tracking software is a testament to this shift, boasting a versatility that makes it invaluable for a diverse range of establishments. Whether you’re overseeing a sprawling corporate complex or managing a university’s bustling campus, the benefits of MetaMail’s offerings are universally appealing.

Here’s a closer look at who can most benefit from this innovation.

  • Corporate HQs:
    Corporate offices receive vast quantities of mail daily. MetaMail ensures essential business parcels and documents are efficiently managed, promoting smooth operations.
  • Student Accommodations:
    With students receiving varied parcels, from textbooks to personal care packages, MetaMail provides a system that ensures each package reaches its rightful owner timely.
  • Residential Apartments:
    In populous residential settings with constant parcel deliveries, MetaMail fosters trust by guaranteeing residents timely and accurate parcel handovers.
  • Hospitals:
    Handling critical items like patient reports and medical equipment, hospitals can rely on MetaMail for meticulous tracking, ensuring timely delivery to the appropriate recipients.
  • University Facilities:
    Universities, with their diverse departments and mail requirements, benefit from MetaMail by ensuring efficient logging, tracking, and delivery of academic and research materials.

How does MetaMail mailroom tracking software work?

  1. Parcel Arrives at Your Building:
    When a delivery is made to your establishment, MetaMail’s system is primed to immediately recognise and process it. Whether it’s a parcel from a major courier or a local delivery, the software is adept at handling all types of inbound post and packages, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed.
  2. Item is Added to the System and Barcode is Printed, If Required:
    Upon receipt, the system logs it into the database. If the item doesn’t already have a barcode, MetaMail can generate and print one. This barcode serves multiple purposes: it provides a unique identifier for the parcel, aids in tracking its movement within your facility, and ensures it reaches the correct recipient.
  3. Custom Notification is Sent to the Recipient:
    Once logged, the system will automatically send a personalised notification to the intended recipient. This might be through email, SMS, or even a mobile app alert, depending on the recipient’s preferences or the system’s setup. The notification can provide details like the sender, package size, and where the recipient can collect it.
  4. Tracking:
    MetaMail offers real-time tracking of every item that enters your facility. This ensures items aren’t misplaced or lost within the premises. Every movement, from the post room to the recipient’s desk or collection point, is logged, giving full visibility into the parcel’s journey.
  5. Item is Delivered to Recipient, Desk, Locker, Home:
    Whether the recipient collects the package themselves or it’s delivered to a specific location (like a personal locker, desk, or even their home address in the case of remote work arrangements), MetaMail keeps track. The system ensures that the delivery process is seamless and the package reaches its correct destination.
  6. Proof of Delivery is Captured:
    Upon successful delivery, the system requires evidence that the parcel was received. This proof can take various forms: a digital signature from the recipient, a scanned ID for security purposes, or even a photograph of the parcel at its delivery point. This step ensures there’s verifiable documentation indicating the delivery was successful and received by the intended party.

Comprehensive Features for Successful Mailroom Delivery

Cloud-based system

Replace your error prone and time-consuming paper systems with a flexible, time-effective digital mail tracking system. Accessible from any device, in any place, at any time, it is perfect for the new hybrid working environment. There is no need to install any software anywhere.

Time-saving automation

Our system allows you to minimise the time spent logging, processing, and tracking your parcels. It also enables you to keep recipients up-to-date about the progress of their deliveries thanks to the automated alerts. These can be turned on for different milestones, and will even send reminders if the packages are not picked up promptly.

Integrated delivery app

Available to download on rugged handhelds and smartphones, our delivery app allows you to digitally track every parcel through to the final point of delivery and obtain proofs of delivery. It will scan the package’s barcode, take photographs, and capture signatures.

Highly configurable design

The system can be configured to fit your specific organisational needs. It can be set up to present different users with different fields, prompting each with only the specific information required. It can also be branded with your company colours and logos, to create a full white-label mail tracking software solution.

Complete audit trail

By tracking every item as it flows into and out of your organisation, you can improve accountability, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Evidence of delivery, such as signature, ID scan, or photo, can be collected, along with exact locations throughout the delivery process. If an item goes missing, it is simple to establish where and when it was last seen. Simple search for the details in the history, and all tracking information will appear.

Management reports

Our real-time reports keep managers in control no matter how busy the mailroom gets. They can stay on top of important SLA delivery metrics and get ahead of potential issues. The data in your system can also be used to improve business processes, pinpoint potential service improvements, and make the most of your resources.

Multi-site capabilities

In order to create a secure delivery chain, our software can be deployed across multiple sites and campuses to provide seamless tracking across your entire infrastructure. This means that unlike other systems, it can even be used to track important documents from a desk in one office to a desk in another.

Fault tolerant system

There is no break in service if your mailroom loses internet connection. Our messenger app will store all the tracking information that is collected and transfer it when it connects to the internet again. This helps to ensure a seamless delivery experience and improve your delivery experience metrics.

Fully hosted system

Be assured of a super-secure, reliable system with MetaMail. Hosted by AWS, as a business we are both ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, proving that your security is our priority. Our in-house team of developers also release regular software updates to ensure that your software remains at the forefront of latest technologies and best practices.

Packages and Covid-19

We have several inbuilt features to keep your staff safe whilst making your packages secure. You can set up new workflows based on the new hybrid working situation and get parcels forwarded over to different locations, and protect your staff switching to contactless deliveries. Read more about this here.

It’s quick and simple to set up a system or import your existing mailroom data.

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