“We’re very happy with the system and wish we’d looked at NetCourier a lot sooner! We’ve not only saved a significant amount of time by reducing double entry, but our customers love the notifications and client portal.”

Owner, A-Team Express


A-Team Express was founded in Cape Town in 2010 after the company’s owners saw a gap in the South African market for a customer-focused, competitively-priced courier service. To ensure that deadlines are always met, at the right price, A-Team offer their customers a variety of different services and modes of transportation for their

With their sights set on becoming market leaders, A-Team expanded their operations to include Johannesburg in 2012.


A-Team were using a South African software package that offered tracking, proof of deliveries and invoicing. Whilst this product was suitable for the company when it was founded, as A-Team grew they found they required a more comprehensive solution. In particular, they needed to be able to book directly with key delivery companies DHL, FedEx and UPS.


After spending time researching the market, A-Team settled on NetCourier as it offered all of the functionality required to move their business to the next level. The system carrier integrations, when combined with the client portal, helped to streamline A-Team’s business processes. Double-entry was eliminated as all bookings could now be placed directly through the portal, freeing up resources for other tasks.

“Although set-up took some time and loading rates was daunting, once configured the system is well worth it.”

Darryl Fouché, Owner

The client portal was also a hit with A-Team’s customers. They loved the ability to track their shipments from start to finish from one system, which also helped A-Team to reduce their customer service queries. Additionally, customers also appreciated being offered the choice of 3-5 different service levels, depending upon their requirements.

A-Team was also impressed with the support they received from Metafour, not only throughout the implementation process but also once the software was live. Questions were answered thoroughly and response times were swift, ensuring that the change of systems was as smooth and pain free as possible.

The reaction to NetCourier has been positive all -round. Customers love the usability of the system and the visibility of their deliveries, whilst A-Team love the efficiencies that have been made. The software has allowed A-Team
to focus on growing their business throughout

In numbers

  • Time spent on data entry reduced by 50%
  • Shipping costs reduced by 20%
  • 9 years in the courier business