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Transform your delivery business with the leading Courier Software in South Africa.

From Zululand to Lanseria to London, streamline your entire delivery process in one, easy-to-use, intuitive cloud platform. Use courier software in South Africa designed specifically to help Sameday, Overnight, International, and Last Mile Fulfilment Couriers reduce costs, save time, scale easily, and delight customers.


4 decades of industry-leading Courier Delivery Software innovation.

Since 1980, our continuous reinvestment in our product has made us a leading provider of courier and logistics software in South Africa and worldwide, catering to all types of courier and logistics companies.


We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled courier service software from your initial enquiry to the implementation of your project, and beyond.


Simplify, automate, and reduce the hassle of delivery management end-to-end.


  • Give your customers a seemless booking experience with your own fully branded booking portal.
  • Save big on shipping by comparing shipping options with our powerful rate shopping engine.
  • Save time with schedule pickups, automated invoicing and more.
  • Keep track of deliveries with label printing.

Powerful Features:

Booking Portal

Delight your customers with our easy-to-use, white-labelled booking portal.

Let your customers book, print labels, and track all their deliveries through an online portal that looks like an extension of your website. Our easy to use portal puts information at your customers fingertips.

  • Our user-friendly booking system can be branded as your own.
  • Link directly from your website to the booking portal.
  • Customers can get quotes, schedule pick-up requests, check their invoices and print their carrier labels.
  • Your customers have full delivery cycle tracking.
  • Cut down on customer service calls.
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More than just an online booking portal. It offers a range of services to your customers, reducing incoming calls, and speeding up query resolution, adding value to the interaction between you and your customers.

Ease of access to information is key in today’s on-the-go culture. Whether your company’s focus is on B2B goods or B2C home delivery, your clients and their recipients want the important details regarding their shipments.

Delight your customers. Metafour’s professionally packaged, white-labeled web-based customer portal allows you to provide first-class courier service software with a first-class look.

Rate Shopping

Compare carrier rates and services to get the best delivery option every time.

Allow your customers to compare shipping options to get the best service at the best rate, at the right time.

  • Least-cost route your deliveries.
  • Sort by service, cut-off time, or cost.
  • Integrates with all popular carriers.
  • Sell all of your services in one place.
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Intelligently compare rates: Metafour’s rate comparison software analyses rates across all available services and can advise on the best delivery option for each and every job.

Automate decision making: Our powerful rates engine can be programmed to automatically prioritise cost, pickup times, or delivery times and will even consider weekends and public holidays in its calculations.

Ensure profitability: Allow your customers to use rate shopping on the online customer portal, or let your staff use this powerful tool to help them make the best possible profit on each and every job. 

Carrier Integrations

Integrate and automate seamlessly with over 40 carriers.

Seamlessly connect with over 40 global, regional and local carriers, automating booking & tracking, dramatically reducing manual double entry and errors.

  • Easily connect to your chosen delivery partners 
  • Automate booking and tracking 
  • Eliminate double entry and errors.
  • Reduce processing time by over 50%.
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Book with over 40 existing carrier APIS: Metafour integrates with over 40 of the most popular Overnight, International, and Sameday suppliers. Our courier tracking software posts bookings directly into your chosen supplier systems and returns their labels and tracking.

Save time and money: Reduce processing time by over 50% by automating otherwise manual rebooking processes. Automating this function will also  reduce human error on data entry.

Expand your reach: Take advantage of valuable revenue streams. Using our range of ready to use third party integrations, grow your delivery footprint, or become a broker of third party services,


Perfect for 3PLs, outsourced
logistics, and retail fulfilment

Sitting between your customer’s ERP or WMS and your parcel carriers, it helps create a seamless supply chain and streamlines your entire delivery process. The API ensures easy transfer of your bookings between your third parties, and even ensures that full tracking can be sent back to your customers.

Data & Security

Peace of mind with stable, secure cloud data storage systems.

Our secure, fully-hosted courier system software, with a proven 40-year track record, gives you peace of mind knowing your business and customer data is safe and secure.

  • 100% cloud based delivery platform.
  • Hosted & managed on high-level, secure web servers.
  • We are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified.
  • Choose from a range of hosting and info security support options
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Pass on the value to your customers: This gives you and your customers confidence that your system is operated to an information security level that is externally audited to meet an internationally recognised standard.

Peace of mind: We understand that speed and reliability are of utmost importance to your business, and we are confident that our secure, fully-hosted system can offer you complete peace of mind.

Secure and Certified: Our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate that your data security is our priority.


Drive efficiency with powerful, visual business insights.

Our fully integrated report builder allows you to get powerful insights on your system to make informed business decisions.

  • Gain powerful insights.
  • Create tailored reports.
  • Monitor key performance indicators.
  • Make informed decisions.
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Leverage your  data: Our integrated reporting tools allows you to create in-depth reports on all aspects of your business to aid you with your decision making. Monitoring and analysing your business performance can offer you real, bottom-line value.

Share information: Run reports across over 200 data sets at the click of a button. Create and save your own reports, or make use of a range of preset reports. Save reports to your own dashboard or make reports available for staff and customers online.

Make reporting easy:  Create visual reports for presentations, or save and schedule large data exports. Our powerful exporter lets you create and save reports to run latter at the click of a button. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically and sent to an email address directly from our system. 

Driver App

The power to deliver in the palm of your hand with our courier driver app.

Our Courier Driver App is an all-in-one delivery app, integrated with our core software, that allows your drivers to simply.

  • Assign collections and deliveries to drivers in the field
  • Add Live Tracking and digital POD in realtime and offline 
  • Tracking and status update from drivers alerts customers automatically 
  • Compatible with IOS and Andriod devices 
  • Navigate using Google maps.
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All-in-one delivery app for drivers: As part of our courier software suite, our courier driver app is designed with drivers in mind, and allows your drivers to receive jobs, add tracking, and collect signatures with ease.

Improve your customer experience: Increase the visibility of deliveries by syncing tracking statuses back from your drivers in real time. It not only captures signatures or photographs as proof of delivery, but also scans and captures tracking details at any stage of the journey.

The ultimate tool for Controllers: Our driver app is connected to our NetCourier mapping and run planning. Controllers can control driver run plans remotely and send them to the app for optimal delivery planning. 

Courier Mapping & Tracking

Improve performance with our courier mapping and route planning.

Take your dispatching to the next level with Metafour’s Mapping & Tracking module for route/run planning, and live driver allocation.

  • Interactive controller map for dispatchers.
  • Birds eye view live driver locations, collections and deliveries.
  • Run planning with google maps view.
  • Drill down to driver level 
  • Real-time fleet view with congestion and ETA.
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Route management and run planning: at the core of our courier mapping and tracking software. It’s a comprehensive route-building tool that allows users to see and build out all routes in advance, and schedule and plan distribution services to keep your daily operations running smoothly.

Reducing waste in time and cost: Using the Google Maps integration, you can identify the best drivers to complete additional shipments, find holes in itineraries that can allow your company to take on more work, keep your drivers at capacity, and keep your business making money.

Driver payments: Work out your drivers earnings based on a range of available driver pay mechanisms. Set different rates for different drivers or for different types of work and fully customise rate and payment structures.

Accounts and Invoicing

Automate invoices and cost-checking.

Metafour has integrated tools to help you improve accuracy, and automate manual processing and checking.

  • Save time and money by automating invoicing and cost checking.
  • Automatically check accuracy of supplier invoices.
  • Create professional branded invoices.
  • Automatic Invoice Recons.
  • Seamlessly download and upload revenue data into popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Pastel and more.
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Save time and money: Metafour’s  accounts and invoicing modules have been designed to streamline your vital, yet  often laborious, business processes. By eliminating manual invoicing and cost checking, Metafour’s courier software ensures you make a profit on every waybill!

Ensure profitability: Metafour’s supplier invoice reconciliation tool is a time and labour saving module for your Finance department. Review multiple shipments at a glance to ensure your Suppliers are billing you correctly.

Schedule invoices to run automatically: Our easy to use invoice module lets you create an invoice for a single job, client account, date range and more or, save your preferences to be run the next time at the click of a button.

Industries we serve

See how we’ve helped South African couriers deliver better.

Trusted by 100’s of courier companies to ship over 100 million items annually, our Courier Service Software helps delivery businesses from local carriers to multi-national mega-fleet couriers.

Courier Software Pricing

Scale as you grow with our modular, sliding-scale pricing.

Only pay for the modules you use and get cheaper rates per unit the more you ship. 3 service tiers are available to suit your company’s size and needs.

  • Standard hosting
  • Software supported by our dedicated team
  • Access to friendly support desk
  • Regular reviews
  • Annual reporting
  • Advanced hosting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Faster support turnaround
  • Regular reporting
  • Additional training
  • Access to plus Infosec pack
  • And more
  • Dedicated, bespoke hosting
  • Dedicated consultancy
  • Enterprise support SLA
  • Regular service reviews
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Extensive training programs
  • Access to enterprise infosec pack
  • 24/7 support options available
  • And more


Our courier management system is highly configurable to match your delivery business model, size, and growth plans.

  • Only pay for the features you need.
  • Add features as you grow.
  • affordable pricing model for any business size.
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  • MetApp
  • NetCourier Shipping API Suite
  • Quickship
  • Supporting data API
  • Hosted SFTP account
  • Route/Run planning & mapping
  • Driver Payments
  • Datasense Premium & advanced reporting
  • Supplier weight & invoice reconciliation
  • Third party Delivery Partner Integrations (DHL/FedEx/Etc)
  • Delivery partner live rate look-up
  • Compliance suite
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Secure Tracking data export
  • Finance balance exchange


What is courier management software?

Our courier management software is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline delivery processes, automate manual tasks, and enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the courier and mailroom industries.

Does your delivery software have an API?

Yes, our delivery software features an API, allowing for seamless integration with other systems to automate workflows, enhancing operational efficiency. This facilitates the easy exchange of data between platforms, providing a more cohesive and automated operational experience.

How does our courier tracking system work?

Our courier tracking system provides real-time updates on deliveries through seamless carrier integrations, ensuring transparency and improved customer satisfaction. It dramatically reduces manual double entry and errors.

What benefits does our courier management software provide?

Our courier management system offers cost and time savings, enhances customer satisfaction, and provides scalable solutions to accommodate growing delivery operations. The modularity of our software ensures it scales as your business grows.

Which features make our courier service exceptional?

Features like rate shopping, carrier integrations, a branded booking portal, and comprehensive tracking make our courier service exceptional. These features simplify the delivery process and enhance the customer experience.

Which support services do we offer for our courier software?

We offer unrivalled personal support from the initial enquiry to project implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success with our software. Our support extends beyond implementation, ensuring customer satisfaction.

What does our courier software cost?

Our courier software comes with a modular, sliding-scale pricing model, making it cost-effective and scalable for different business sizes. The pricing adjusts as your business grows, ensuring affordability and value.

Is our courier management software secure?

Yes, our courier management software is hosted on secure servers. We are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, which ensures high-level data security and adherence to the latest industry standards in data protection.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

With decades of industry knowledge, our in-house experts are always on hand to help.

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Signed, sealed, delivered.

With decades of industry knowledge, our in-house experts are always on hand to help.

Get in touch