“Metafour continually listened to our demands, and developed the enhancements that allow us to keep improving our products and services in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Director, Nexus


Nexus International Logistics is a unique supplier management provider. They offer a free online platform that streamlines the booking, tracking, and reporting functions of businesses with high-volume courier requirements. The services offered include International, UK Overnight, and Sameday delivery bookings. Nexus pride themselves on helping customers to reduce their costs whilst offering exceptional customer service.


As a customer focused company, Nexus were looking for delivery software that was both easy to use and customisable. They wanted to offer their clients a user-friendly customer portal with a host of functionality, with the focus on offering the best-fit shipment service based on price or service. It was also important to Nexus that their new software was fully customisable, so they could portray a consistent brand message
throughout their customer journey.

In addition to a choice of delivery options, Nexus were also looking for a package that could offer their clients full visibility of their parcels. The ability to offer tracking information and proof of deliveries were an essential feature for their business.


A staff member had previously used NetCourier in a previous company, and after using Nexus’s current courier software suggested that it would be a good addition to their business. After a comprehensive demonstration of the system, the directors agreed with their employee and decided to switch providers.

“We are loving the response time of MetApp. It’s great to be able to offer our customers immediate updates for their deliveries, and it instantly reduced the number of phone calls we received.”

Natacha McManus, Office Manager

Using NetCourier’s Client Portal and service comparison tool, Nexus was now able to offer clients different shipping options from one screen. Customers could now see at a glance the most appropriate option for each individual shipment, and filter them by price, pickup time, or supplier. Nexus were also able to streamline the whole booking process thanks to the option to edit the fields shown to clients; only showing the information necessary for the booking and ultimately making important delivery information easier to find. For ultimate functionality, the Client Portal could also be used on any modern device, web-browser, or operating system.

The new system also allowed Nexus to brand not only the Client Portal, but also all the documents created through NetCourier. Confirmations, PODs, invoices and manifests were all brought in line to comply with the company’s brand guidelines.

In addition to the Client Portal, Nexus also introduced MetApp, the mobile driver app. With it, customers were able view tailored milestone updates and POD information directly through the Client Portal. This helped to reduce incoming queries and allowed Nexus to reallocate their resources to other areas of the business.

Moving to NetCourier has allowed Nexus to exceed their customer’s expectations time and again. It has been a key feature of the company’s business proposition for years and helps the company to stand out from their competition.

In numbers

  • 25% average monthly saving shown on typical courier spend
  • 60% reduction in customer queries
  • Customer since 2010