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Multi-Service Courier Software

NetCourier is a true multi-service courier software package that allows you to consolidate your Sameday, Overnight, and International shipments into one efficient system. Not only does it save you time by allowing you to access all of your deliveries from the same screen, but saves you money as you no longer need to pay for multiple systems. Customers can conveniently access all of your services from one page on our client portal and shop for the best rates, while our back-office allows you to manage your entire delivery process in one place.

One screen for Sameday, Overnight, and International deliveries
Integrations to all major 3rd party carriers
Bookings, label printing, and full tracking
Controller functionality with fleet mapping tools
Driver app with job tracking and signature capture

Combine All of Your Overnight, International, and Sameday Services

Our industry-leading multi-service courier software is the complete solution for specialist and multiservice companies. It allows you to consolidate your Sameday, Overnight, and International systems, not only saving you money but also helping you to streamline your operations. With our list of regional, national, and international courier integrations, it is simple to create a network that works for your unique business needs. You can combine all of your services in one place and allow your clients to choose the best option, for example the quickest or the cheapest.

  • One system for all of your different carrier services
  • Over 30 different courier integrations available
  • Filter your delivery services by time, cost, vehicle type and more
  • Least-cost route your deliveries
  • Maximise the profitability of every delivery

Specialist Sameday Controller Functionality With Fleet Mapping

Designed in conjunction with experienced controllers, our multi-service courier software contains all of the Sameday features you need to run your business. Our fleet mapping tools give you a real-time view of your drivers on the road, thanks to our GPS enabled driver app, which helps your operations team to make the best decisions for each delivery. Jobs can be automatically assigned to the closest suitable driver, or dragged and dropped into a specific order in the active driver screen.

  • Fleet view map with real-time traffic overlay
  • Assign and edit Sameday jobs using keyboard hotkeys
  • Quickly access full job details
  • Automatically or manually assign jobs to the appropriate driver
  • Colour coded job statuses on controller and mapping screens

GPS Enabled Driver App With Electronic Proof of Delivery

Our mobile app not only allows you to track your drivers on the go, but also helps your drivers to manage their day to day responsibilities. They can accept or reject jobs sent over by your operations team, update their delivery status, and capture both photographic and signature proof of deliveries. Both status updates and PODs are automatically sent, and these details can be emailed out to your customers, or viewed in the Client Portal and Back Office. This helps to reduce calls to your customer service team and improve your customer experience.

  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Create a full audit trail
  • Simple POD capture
  • Scan third-party labels
  • Works offline and will automatically re-sync

Advanced Accounting Tools

Created to help save you time, our accounting module helps to automate your day to day processes. The multi-service courier software allows you to automatically send your invoices out to your customers on a timescale that suits your business; historic invoices are also visible from the Client Portal and back office. Our system also offers the ability to automatically reconcile your supplier invoices with the data in your system to reduce manual errors by streamlining a repetitive, time-consuming process. It will highlight any differences found for your accounts team to look into, and will even update your actual weights, costs, and sales prices if required.

  • Quickly export your data to Xero, Sage 50, QuickBooks and CODA
  • Automate your client invoicing emails
  • Automatically check your supplier invoices
  • Access all invoices from the Client Portal and Back office
  • Fully brandable invoice templates

“We are loving the response time of MetApp. It’s great to be able to offer our customers immediate updates for their deliveries, and it instantly reduced the number of phone calls we received.”

Office Manager – Nexus

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