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Our latest collaboration with Fin, a leader in zero-emissions logistics, brings you cutting-edge, sustainable delivery solutions, helping you achieve environmental benefits and efficiency.

Who are Fin?

Fin is a pioneering logistics provider focused on zero-emissions deliveries and returns. Utilising AI, machine learning, and a fleet of electric vehicles, Fin ensures efficient, eco-friendly parcel deliveries that make cities more livable. They are rapidly expanding their customer-centric and sustainable logistics model, using electric vans and e-cargo bikes. 

Benefits of the Integration

  • 100% Emissions-Free Deliveries: Achieve net zero faster with Fin’s all-electric fleet.
  • Affordable Solutions: Reduce delivery costs with technology-driven logistics.
  • Better Service: Benefit from a customer-centric approach with riders who are shareholders in Fin.
  • Faster Deliveries: Utilise advanced routing algorithms and micro-fulfilment hubs for quicker delivery times.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Handle both deliveries and returns seamlessly with real-time tracking and flexible services.

Stay Competitive

With our new Fin integration, you stay competitive by offering zero-emissions deliveries, reducing operational costs, and improving delivery efficiency. Fin’s innovative solutions ensure that you deliver exceptional value and service to your customers, setting you apart in the logistics industry.

Fin Success Story: Reducing Urban Congestion

Fin’s impact goes beyond just delivering parcels. By using electric cargo bikes and e-vans, Fin has significantly reduced urban congestion and carbon emissions. In London, where commercial vehicles account for 30% of the city’s transport-related CO2 emissions, Fin’s sustainable approach has made a substantial difference. Their proprietary algorithms and microhub networks optimise routing and demand positioning, providing a model for efficient, green logistics.

Take Advantage of the Integration

Contact the Customer Success team at Metafour to learn more about this exciting integration and how you can leverage our powerful partnership with Fin.


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