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Metafour is excited to announce our latest integration with Courier Exchange (CX), giving you access to the UK’s largest courier platform. This collaboration, will change how your courier business operates, providing unparalleled efficiency and connectivity.

What is Courier Exchange?

Courier Exchange is a premier platform connecting over 8,000 businesses with 50,000 vehicles and 300,000 monthly loads. It offers tools for managing loads, subcontracting work, and tracking transactions, ensuring streamlined operations and reduced administrative burdens.

Benefits of the Integration

The integration between Metafour and CX brings numerous advantages:

  • Expand Your Fleet: Gain access to an additional 50,000 vehicles, allowing you to handle more delivery work.
  • Increase Your Catchment Area: Extend your delivery reach and improve service coverage, helping you secure more jobs and grow your customer base.
  • Reduce Delivery Costs: Minimise dead mileage and operational costs instantly by optimising route planning and load management.
  • Manage the Entire Booking Process: Handle everything within one system, simplifying your workflow and improving operational efficiency.
  • Real-Time Data: Both platforms provide real-time tracking, ensuring you have the most current information to make informed decisions, enhancing service delivery.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Expand your business reach by building new partnerships through CX’s directory, creating more opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Stay Competitive

With the new Courier Exchange integration, you stay competitive by requesting or posting more delivery work, eliminating dead mileage, and reducing costs. Deliver value, stability, and the best service to your customers at all costs. CX, being the largest courier platform in the UK, offers more loads and more members than any other UK courier platform, providing unmatched opportunities for growth.

CX Success Story: Red Rocket Couriers

Red Rocket Couriers began its journey seven years ago with Lee Gueller delivering loads in his van. Today, it has grown into a UK-wide courier company. With CX’s support, Red Rocket Couriers has consistently generated substantial revenue, achieving a 1600% ROI last year. 

Lee Gueller, Managing Director, shared, “The CX app is fantastic. Easy to use and find work. And we get to be one step ahead with the integration tracker. I wouldn’t use any other platform.” 

Take Advantage of the Integration

Contact the Customer Success team at Metafour to learn more about this exciting integration and how you can leverage our powerful partnership.


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By integrating with Courier Exchange, Metafour empowers couriers to streamline operations, expand their reach, and unlock new revenue streams. Are you ready to grow your courier business at an exponential rate?

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