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We know that you want to offer your customers the best possible service. NetCourier’s intuitive client portal offers you the tools to do this, as it presents your customers with everything they may need to know about their deliveries at their fingertips.

The courier software system allows them to shop for the best rate for their package, get quotes, book jobs, schedule pick-up requests, print their carrier labels, add their own address book, and check their invoices, all from one place. As our courier system is cloud-based, all of these features can seamlessly accessed from anywhere, at any time.

NetCourier’s client portal also allows you to minimise support requests by showing a transparent customer journey. This is thanks to our 34 carrier integrations and mobile Driver App, which show real-time updates for your delivery milestones. The full track and trace capability helps to answer queries that might have gone to your support team, saving both time and resources and allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Get quotes and make bookings
Rate shop
Print carrier labels
Full track and trace

Your clients can send you their booking data in a number of different ways. The client portal allows you customers to manually enter all of their booking information directly, reducing double-entry and manual errors for your support teams. For bulk uploads we offer other options to help save time. The first is NetCourier’s shipping API, which allows for easy collaboration between our courier software and other partner software solutions such as 3PLs, outsourced logistics, retail fulfilment companies, and WMSs. The second is QuickShip, our standalone application that scans a specific network directory for new files containing shipment details, books the shipments with the configured system, and then sends back labels. The third is manual bulk imports. Full track and trace information can still be found for each of these options.


On top of all of these benefits, our client portal is fully customisable. Our team can ensure your system smoothly fits in with your website and the rest of your branding, as logos, colours and fonts can be modified. NetCourier even offers you the ability to configure your system for each of your clients, for instance offering them different services or tariffs.

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