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All in one Courier Driver App

Arm your entire fleet with powerful tools for Driver Run Planning, photo on delivery, Sync Live Tracking, intelligent barcode scanning, and more.

The power to deliver in the palm of your hand with our courier driver app

Compatible with smartphones, rugged PDA devices, Android and IOS

Our fully integrated, courier driver app is an all-in-one delivery app for drivers. As part of our courier software suite, our courier driver app is designed with drivers in mind, and allows your drivers to receive jobs, add tracking, and collect signatures with ease.

Simple, fast, and intuitive

Our courier delivery app helps to improve your customer experience, increasing the visibility of deliveries by syncing tracking statuses back from your drivers in real time. It not only captures signatures or photographs as proof of delivery, but also scans and captures tracking details at any stage of the journey.

From within our courier driver app, drivers can navigate using Google maps, or call recipients directly with a single click, allowing them to focus on the road and stay on schedule.

Update tracking in real-time

Using the phone camera, barcodes can be scanned to automatically update tracking in real-time. The driver app can also be used on commercial, PDA devices with laser scanners to handle faster batch scanning, and processing large volumes. Alerts notify drivers when shipments are scanned for the wrong destination or if items are missing during loading procedures eliminating costly delivery errors.

Adding new drivers is easy on our courier driver app

New driver training is simple and intuitive, and with a few simple steps drivers will be ready to begin handling shipments. New drivers are up and running in a matter of minutes after downloading the driver app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Your drivers can easily check in or out from the courier software driver app, alerting controllers of their status and instantly placing them in the queue to receive shipments. Our courier software apps are password protected and can use fingerprint recognition for added security.

Work offline in areas with low mobile signal

Even with today’s growing coverage, many dense urban areas and, of course, rural locations lack dependable cellular service. Drivers can continue their itinerary as planned making pickups and deliveries, documenting PODs, and updating statuses even while out of range.

All completed work – including the location data, accurate time and date stamps linked to the shipments are securely transmitted to the cloud when the driver is back in a coverage area. You can rest assured your shipment information is always safe and secure.

 Assign collections and deliveries
Add Live Tracking
Collect digital POD
Update statuses
Phone camera and scanner compatible
Add photos to tracking
Trigger tracking alerts to customers
Touchless POD

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