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In the ever-evolving landscape of the courier industry, the surge in e-commerce deliveries, the consolidation of smaller delivery firms, and escalating customer service expectations necessitate a revolutionary approach to courier operations.

Our comprehensive courier software is designed to empower courier companies to not only meet but exceed these growing demands, ensuring a competitive edge in a rapidly transforming market.

To achieve this you will need a courier software supplier who can do it all.

A Holistic Approach to Courier Services

Our software offers a seamless integration of services to address the diverse needs of the courier sector. From optimizing operational efficiency to enhancing customer interaction and expanding service offerings, our solution is tailored to support courier companies in becoming versatile, multi-service providers.

Multi-Service Courier Capabilities

In response to the industry’s shift towards a more integrated service model, our software supports a range of courier services including:

This integrated approach allows couriers to cater to varying customer needs without the complexity of managing multiple suppliers, thereby preserving profit margins.

One of the biggest issues with this is that each of these areas has specialisms that require their own infrastructure, people and expertise.

This leaves courier companies to either turn away much-needed business, or use multiple suppliers meaning an ever-shrinking margin.

Metafour with over 40 courier clients ranging from SMEs to large multinational logistic companies, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over various delivery sectors.

As a result, we have incorporated critical flexibility to the programmes we build. We have recognised the shifts in the courier market and have committed to creating a complete multi-service domestic courier software offering.

Already established in the overnight and international sector, Metafour has begun adding the fundamental tools needed to run a Sameday courier operation.

In 2018 Metafour is introducing:

  • Driver GPS tracking
  • Mobile applications
  • Sameday controller functionality
  • Sameday multidrop features
  • Driver invoicing and more

Our aim is to introduce a true multi-service domestic courier software offering for couriers who need it all.

If you would like to get in touch with us about one of our software offerings, contact us for more information.

We are also introducing multiple API features allowing couriers to take bookings from e-commerce platforms for retail fulfilment.

Meta Four

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