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Metafour is excited to announce a significant new partnership that will empower our courier customers to unlock a wealth of delivery opportunities. We’ve integrated directly with the Orkestro platform, a leading solution connecting delivery companies with thousands of restaurants, catering businesses, and food manufacturers. 

This seamless integration, available to Metafour users from May 1st, 2024, provides access to a vast network of potential clients seeking sameday and overnight delivery services.

What is Orkestro?

Orkestro is a comprehensive integration platform utilised by hundreds of businesses – from startups to established enterprises. Their software and APIs streamline the process of accepting deliveries, requesting couriers, and managing online orders. 

By leveraging modern APIs and digital SLAs (Service Level Agreements), Orkestro offers a future-proof platform with direct access to its thriving network of global e-commerce platforms. Through Metafour, you can now become an Orkestro delivery partner, expanding your reach and client base.

Benefits of Orkestro Integration for Couriers

The Metafour and Orkestro integration offers a compelling package of advantages designed to empower your courier business and fuel its growth. What are some of these benefits?orkestro platform integration

  • Effortless Order Matching & Streamlined Operations: Delivery requests from Orkestro automatically flow into your Metafour system (Netcourier), eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.  The system intelligently matches these requests with your capabilities, region, and specialisations. This intelligent matching ensures you receive deliveries that perfectly align with your services, optimising your capacity and reducing the need to turn down orders.  Furthermore, managing your existing workload and Orkestro deliveries within a centralised system streamlines your operations and saves time.
  • Increased Revenue Streams & Scaled Growth: The Orkestro integration acts as a gateway to a vast network of new clients. These include restaurants, catering businesses, and food manufacturers actively seeking reliable courier services for sameday and overnight deliveries. By becoming an Orkestro delivery partner through Metafour, you can effortlessly supplement your existing workload with this new influx of deliveries. This translates to additional revenue streams and a chance to expand your business significantly.  As your business grows through the Orkestro network, you can leverage Metafour’s scalability to accommodate your increasing volume and ensure smooth operations.
  • Enhanced Efficiency & Automation: The integration automates order allocation, eliminating the manual processes of assigning drivers and scheduling deliveries. This automation frees up valuable time and resources within your business, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and growth opportunities.  Additionally, the Orkestro platform provides real-time visibility into deliveries, enabling you to optimise dispatching, track driver performance, and ensure exceptional customer service.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden & Improved Visibility: The integration eliminates the need to manage separate order streams for existing clients and Orkestro deliveries.  Having everything centralised within Metafour simplifies administration and reduces paperwork. Real-time data from both platforms provides a holistic view of your operations, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for further optimisation.
  • Boosted Reputation & Competitive Advantage: Partnering with a leading platform like Orkestro strengthens your reputation within the courier industry.  This association showcases your commitment to innovation and positions you as a reliable provider of high-quality delivery services.  By leveraging the Orkestro network, you gain a competitive advantage by expanding your reach and attracting new clients seeking trusted partners.

A Satisfied Orkestro User Speaks Out

The food industry is raving about the benefits of Orkestro. Andrea, CEO of Foodetective, highlights the platform’s transformative impact: “Having a single connection to all the delivery fleets is revolutionary. Not only does it enable us to open new markets extremely fast, but it also enables our F&B clients to manage their delivery orders at scale without the hassle of managing drivers, logistics, and contracts.”

Take Advantage of the Orkestro Advantage

Metafour’s Orkestro integration empowers you to tap into a vast network of potential clients seeking reliable sameday and overnight delivery services. Contact the Metafour team to learn more about this exciting new partnership and how it can benefit your courier business.


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By integrating with Orkestro, Metafour empowers couriers to streamline operations, expand their reach, and unlock new revenue streams. Is your courier business ready to thrive?

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