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"Global supply chain that enables them to deliver almost 65,000 shipments daily"

Founded in 1871, as its name suggests Hellmann Worldwide Logistics specialises in logistics for a whole host of industries including freight, eCommerce, and healthcare. With 263 offices in 56 countries, the company has created a global supply chain that enables them to successfully deliver almost 65,000 shipments every day.

Hellmann’s UK office originally contacted Metafour back in 2013. They were looking to expand their current freight offering to include courier services. The solution needed to incorporate integrations to DHL and FedEx, full label printing, and easy to access tracking. It was also imperative that the courier platform could be implemented quickly, as they were working to strict deadlines. After looking at other systems NetCourier was chosen, and successfully installed both on time and in budget.

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“Improve client experience and streamline their offering ”

5 years after their original implementation, Hellmann came to Metafour about further improving their client experience. Their courier services were running smoothly, and they were pleased with the ease at which they could access quotes, bookings, and tracking information from NetCourier’s Client Portal.

They wanted to streamline their offering and ensure that their clients had the same great experience when generating quotes or booking an air freight, sea freight, or road freight service.

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“Our companies always work well together. Metafour has a great implementation team, and they consistently help us to move our business forward.”

Working closely together over a 3 month period, Hellmann and Metafour created a centralised quotation, booking, and tracking portal for all courier and freight services.

Screens and processes were adapted so that any freight bookings could be created in NetCourier, transferred to Hellmann’s internal TMS via an electronic data interchange, and tracking information could be pulled back. All of the operational functions for these bookings were still processed by Hellmann’s in-house system, but client facing information was now handled by NetCourier.

Hellmann’s team could now access all of their delivery information from one easy-to-use portal. One of the major outcomes of this was improved customer service efficiencies. Time spent on queries was greatly reduced, errors were decreased, and general customer service was enhanced. It also allows Hellmann’s customers the ability to get their own quotes, book their own jobs, and access their own tracking information wherever and whenever they wish.

Another considerable benefit of the updated system related to NetCourier’s reporting tools. Before implementation, the Hellmann team were spending days every month putting together management reports concerning spend, service usage and, in particular, exception reporting. NetCourier’s DataSense feature allowed them to create these at the click of a couple of buttons.

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