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"Global supply chain that enables them to deliver almost 65,000 shipments daily"

Founded in 1871, as its name suggests Hellmann Worldwide Logistics specialises in logistics for a whole host of industries including freight, eCommerce, and healthcare. With 263 offices in 56 countries, the company has created a global supply chain that enables them to successfully deliver almost 65,000 shipments every day.

Hellmann’s UK office originally contacted Metafour back in 2013. They were looking to expand their current freight offering to include courier services. The solution needed to incorporate integrations to DHL and FedEx, full label printing, and easy to access tracking. It was also imperative that the courier platform could be implemented quickly, as they were working to strict deadlines. After looking at other systems NetCourier was chosen, and successfully installed both on time and in budget.

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“clients were left with limited visibility of their shipments”

ILG needed a multi-carrier solution to help manage its large selection of carriers. A choice of customer service tools was important to the company, as was the ability to provide delivery updates.

Prior to NetCourier, track was offered to customers, but it was resource heavy and reactive which proved challenging in a fast, global supply chain. Staff dealt with many incoming queries, and clients were left with limited visibility of their shipments.

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“Great balance to ensure we collectively delivered a great product for our customers.”

Metafour’s adaptable software, in collaboration with ILG, enabled the deployment of a comprehensive courier solution at 7 sites while working with existing partners in fulfilment and WMS software. Metafour leveraged industry experience to centralise ILG’s supplier system, streamlining bookings, label printing, and tracking.

The intuitive booking portal reduced warehouse processing times, extended collection cut-off times, and improved client relationships by enhancing visibility and control. These efficiencies allowed staff to focus on value-added services and customer-focused activities, supporting ILG’s growth, making their services more user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective.

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