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Here’s what’s new in our latest release v8.17, which is due to be rolled out from this week.

Improved driver runs

We have added more functionality to our driver run sheets in order to streamline your delivery process:

  • Extra validation has been added to ensure that jobs added to the run make sense with those already allocated
  • The run importer now allows you to to import uploads in your own format, making it easier than ever to transfer information from your other systems
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MetApp additions

Our development team has also been working on updating our driver app. One new addition makes it mandatory for your driver to submit a signature with your proof of delivery or collection, helping to create a secure chain of custody. The next will alert your drivers about potential mis-delivery by sounding an alert 1) within the runsheet at a certain address, if they scan an item that is for another address and 2) within the PoD/PoC modal for a certain address, if they scan an item that wasn’t previously selected. It is important to note, however, that these additions are currently only available on the Android version of our app.

Proofs of delivery PDFs

With e-commerce booming, now more than ever great customer service is important. Our new export scheduler will automatically generate and send individual PoDs that have been collected via MetApp, so you can reduce queries and save time.

Returns route code

If you or your client offers pre-printed return labels for your deliveries, it is now possible to specify a particular carrier, rather than least-cost routing the delivery. This ensures that you can choose the best option for your business needs and required service levels.

No available services message

If the client inputs their requirements but the system does not find a suitable service, you can now add your own ‘No available services’ message. This can be used to direct your customers to call your sales team, apologise for the inconvenience, or however else you wish to handle the situation.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 20 7912 2000 or