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With security at the heart of modern business strategy, companies face growing pressure when it comes to the expectation of their customers.

Millions of consumers now stay connected to your services using their digital devices, utilising thousands of applications, and the expect much more from software with assumptions of bug-free, user-friendly and consistent experiences. Users rely heavily on the software companies present them with, and take security for granted. So when that software fails, or violates their personal data security, it can have a hugely negative effect on a company’s reputation. We often take for granted that larger organisations are automatically invulnerable to cyber-attacks. But from last weekend’s attacks we can see that that is not the reality.

Over the weekend the ransomware “WannaCry” locked files all around the world and demanded collateral to release controlled files. The attack interfered with hospitals, schools, and international shipper FedEx, to name a few. It is clear from this that spending on cyber security is critical to protecting not only your customer’s data, but your reputation. This is just as important when choosing a software partner to represent your business. As a company Metafour is committed to secure, sustainable hosting. We have been using 4D hosting centre since 2010 who provide us with top level security, facilities and support, keeping our data safe and sound.


Metafour 2 ISO 27001 Certified

One of our major reasons for choosing to continue using 4D is that as of May 2013 4D is ISO 27001 certified. This certification provides formal, third party recognition of their ability to perform information security management. This UKAS accreditation shows that they have been successful at meeting the requirements of international accreditation standards.


What does ISO 27001 look at?
  • Identifies risks to key information and systems assets
  • Allows an independent review of information security practices
  • Protects critical and sensitive information
  • Demonstrates credibility, trust, satisfaction and confidence
  • It is accepted globally


Green hosting

At Metafour we have always tried to fulfil our responsibly of doing our bit for the environment. 4D is an award-winning green colocation provider and has pioneered CO2 reduction techniques for the IT Industry. It now operates with an impressive PUE of 1.14 which makes it one of the greenest data centres on the planet. 4D’s installation of one of the UK’s first evaporative cooling systems cut the data centre’s cooling load by 88.9% and saving an estimated 440,605Kg of CO2 a year. This in turn reduces our own carbon footprint and that of our customers.



4D delivers superior data security, availability and performance, resulting in savings which we in turn pass on to our customers.

4D provides high speed and diverse access to hosted data as well as the ability for us to privately connect with our existing networks in other facilities where back up data is stored. Using 4D also makes it easier for us to solve issues both onsite and remotely via their 24hr “remote hands” service, which helps us resolve issues in the fastest way possible.



Using 4D is just one of the ways in which we ensure high levels of security and service to our customers. Making the right choices about who we use as a supplier, results in added quality of service. We continue to assess these choices to make sure that we offer the highest standards in software innovation.