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With more than a third of consumers already shopping online every week since the coronavirus hit, Black Friday and Christmas look set to be 50% busier than they were last year according to ParcelHero. Efficiency will be key to businesses who wish to maintain their customer service when stretched to capacity. NetCourier v8.18 has been designed with speed in mind, just in time for peak season.

Phone number validation

With the vast majority of booking failures for some of our larger customers originating from incorrect phone numbers, our new validation feature should save your warehouse and operations teams valuable time. It will sanitise all phone numbers before they get sent to DPD/DPD Local and Royal Mail to make sure that they are valid, reducing the need for manual intervention.

UPS paperless documentation

This feature will speed up your customs clearance by sending PDF documentation for your deliveries, rather than just the simple data. By uploading your paperwork this way, shipment processing for packages or air freight can begin earlier, enabling timely customs clearance.

Improved tracking

Our public tracking link now allows your customers to search by more data points. Calls and emails to your customer support team should be reduced, as clients can now search by HAWB number, client reference, third-party reference number, and fourth-party reference number.

Streamlined invoicing module

Our invoicing engine has had an overhaul, with a four-fold speed increase. Not only is it significantly faster, but we have also added a failover so in the unlikely event of NetCourier going down your accounts team will still be able to complete their invoice run.

Batch repricing

It is now possible to batch reprice your costs as well as your sales. Not only will this save your team the time spent going into every shipment and manually updating the cost, but it will also streamline your profit and loss reporting.

Updated character limit

This addition will help to future proof your system and potentially save time if you wish to move into new markets, as the system can now accept prices with 15 digits before the decimal point. This means it can accept larger currencies such as the Indonesian rupiah, the Vietnamese dong, and the Ugandan shilling.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the features discussed in this post, please contact us. You can either email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7912 2000.