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As January draws to a close and we start the year in earnest, the team here at Metafour are delighted to announce the first software release of the year! The development team have been working hard to bring some fantastic improvements to the product, focusing this release on speed and usability.

We have brought in some great features including easier pricing, better searches and some serious speed boosts!


Seasonal Tariffs

NetCourier can now support seasonal tariffs, allowing you to upload tariffs for different date ranges in advance. Simply create the new tariff and specify the date you want it to become active and press save! This fantastic new feature will allow you to easily manage seasonal peaks and take the stress out of moving a client to a new price list. Contact your account manager for more information.


Let your customers know why with pricing justifications

We have been looking at the reasons customers need to contact our partners, one reason we found that didn’t have the best solution was when customers need to query pricing. So we got to work and have now created a prompt that will allow you to manually enter a justification for changing a price. This can then be seen by the customer saving you time and reducing confusion.


Pricing made simple

As part of our mantra of making delivery easier, we have built new tools into our courier software making managing tariffs easier. When creating a customer, you can now simply select a percentage uplift on your cost tariff, making it as easy as 3 clicks to set up a new customers pricing.


Advanced search features

We never found navigating NetCourier difficult, but we guess it must have been as we just made it even easier with advanced search functions. This clever search tool will allow you to search any aspect of information related to the job and bring it up ready to view. Search by any word or number associated with the booking for fast results.


Super fast folder speeds

Nicknamed NetCourier lightning by the Sales team here at Metafour, this update to NetCourier’s programming language has certainly added some zap to the system. Folder loading speed is now up to 10X faster. Load folders with thousands of jobs in seconds.

So look out for your new super fast folders coming out this release and as ever contact the team here to find out more.


NetCourier API

The Development team here are all about the latest software innovation, ensuring out fulfilment, courier and mailroom software has the latest and greatest features. They are especially keen on 3 letter acronyms, API being their favourite at the moment. Application Program Interface’s are the connections that allow the magic to happen, we employ hundreds of them to ensure that NetCourier is able to speak to a host of other systems from carrier networks to accounting packages to warehouse management systems. Always looking to add more connections to our API network and strength those we have V7.12 sees a number of improvements to our carrier connections.