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At Metafour we understand that by taking the time to choose the right partners, we can offer a superior product and pass on value to our customers. This has proven true in our partnership with Janam. We use Janam XM5 rugged mobile computers as part of our NetCourier Mailroom solution. XM5s have been rolled out to sites across a range of industries including major banking, technology, publishing, insurance and government institutions around the world.

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Our solution couples Janam’s XM5 rugged mobile computer with secure NetCourier mailroom software. This provides a robust solution for the delivery and tracking of mail across multiple sites and internal departments, creating a secure audit trail throughout any organisation.

This professionally managed mail solution creates value beyond typical cost reduction and service improvement: it introduces transparency and control through consistent processes, clearly defined service levels and detailed management information. The combination of Janam’s XM5 rugged mobile computer and NetCourier software delivers innovation and progression to this essential business function. In addition, the solution addresses an organisation’s security and confidentiality concerns by ensuring that data is immediately transferred to a secure host server.


Janam XM5 Rugged Mobile Computer

Janam XM5 Rugged Mobile Computer

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The use of the XM5 mobile computers to replace previously used hand-held devices has improved the efficiency of our customers’ internal work flows, and has allowed our mailroom software solutions to work as intended without disruption.

The XM5 reads all barcode types and combines the latest technological advancements in mobile devices with a sleek and rugged design. Purpose-built to adapt as businesses’ needs change, the XM5 supports Android™ and Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, allowing customers to choose the operating system and application migration schedule that best supports their mobility requirements. It is extremely lightweight but also very durable, providing flexibility for operators that are always-on-the move. The XM5 also comes with multiple connectivity options. Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, and direct PC connection can all be used by our mailroom and courier users.

Our direct experience is that the XM5 device mobile computer is more resilient and robust than competitor devices in the same price range. Janam XM5 Rugged Mobile Computer has also proven reliable under frequent use with less than a 1% reported failure rate.