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Is your technology secure? Secure technology is the foundation of successful businesses today.

Online booking and online retail replace the idea of having to wait and stand in queues like we did in the past. With modern search engines, the ability to browse through a myriad of sites with side-by-side comparison makes the complexity of browsing fast and simple. The ease of intercommunication and infinite remote access is great, but it brings with it a few negative drawbacks with regards to online security. Software and technology are at the heart of the modern business and are key to growth, but if not managed correctly result in the demise of any successful business.

Hackers and Scam artists’ intentions are malicious and more and more we are seeing businesses becoming victims of cyber crimes online. Disguised behind hidden IP addresses and fake emails, hackers utilize their illegal talents for personal gain, committing crimes to attack consumers, breaching businesses and stealing individual’s information through “phishing”.

Your customers place a great deal of trust in your business to keep personal data secure. To try to protect your customer’s identity, businesses can use precautions to reduce fraud and secure data. Vulnerable to social media interactions, companies need to be aware, and adjust privacy settings on things like social media sites. Information like email address, phone numbers, and our birthdays are what hackers can use to violate our privacy and must be protected at all costs.

Using a secure browser can also prevent location tracking or cookies recorded and maintain a protected site. Virtual private networks (VPN) are important in defending against data collection and cyber attacks, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks. Creating unique passwords and security questions are vital to successfully keeping hackers away. These are some of the many precautions clients can use to secure information.

In business, companies must use a secure, vigilant, and resilient methods to prevent a data breach. Installing anti-virus programs can scan and detect potential threats. If something were to occur, having safely stored backups to restore the system is vital to data security. Most importantly, constantly educating yourself and your team can help prevent cyber crime. Staying educated on the latest security trends can keep your company secure in the age of information technology.

Secure technology is the foundation of successful businesses today. Metafour use reliable hosting centres which are all ISO27001 certified. This ensures that new risks are constantly analysed and precautions taken to keen all data safe and secure.