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According to the BBC, The government’s getting together with the retail giant Amazon to start testing flying drones that can deliver parcels to your door. Amazon and other delivery networks believe using drones and courier software will automate delivery.

So this all sounds great, but according to the BBC Ministers still say they “will still have to convince the public that having automated drones flying around is both safe and won’t invade people’s privacy.”

Read the full article and video here

According to the BBC new trials will look at cracking three big problems:

  • How can you operate drones safely beyond “line of sight”? The current rules say a pilot has to be able to see the aircraft at all times
  • How can you build a drone that won’t bump into things? Much like autonomous cars it would need sensors to help it avoid objects
  • How can you build a system where one pilot is responsible for many drones?

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How will the drone system work?

According the the article “A number of systems are being tried, but the current favourite seems to be a machine that’s part air-plane and part helicopter. It can fly at 50mph (80km/h) for 10 miles (16km) or more away from base, at a height of around 350ft (100m). When it reaches the delivery address, it comes down vertically onto a special landing mat that the buyer will place on their property. So you could have parcels popped into your back garden for security.”

Read the full article and video here.