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The Metafour team are happy to announce the launch of DataSense. NetCourier DataSense light and DataSense Premium will give NetCourier users access to over 22 million individual reports. DataSense delivers powerful tools to help make the best use of your own data and gain a competitive advantage.

DataSense Light will be instantly available to all NetCourier users a part of the upgrade to NetCourier v7.4 on an Opt in basis. There is also the opportunity to Upgrade to DataSense premium for access to higher level reporting. Please contact your Account manager to discuss an opt in to DataSense Light or an Upgrade to DataSense premium.


Read more about DataSense Here


DataSense lets you easily visualise trends, dig through millions of potential combinations of data and instantly display that information as 1 of 4 chart types. DataSense is designed to empower the decision makers, enabling them to identify shifts in their business and sound strategies to turn change into opportunity.

  • Report on all NetCourier data, from customer behaviour to supplier usage
  • Create useful reports at the click of a button
  • Save charts for your top KPIs to your own custom dashboard
  • Use your data in critical negotiations with suppliers and sales prospects

Contact your account manager today to opt in to DataSense light, Or to request an upgrade to DataSense premium.