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Metafour are proud label printing partners of Menzies Distribution who are supporting emergency deliveries of essential goods and PPE for the NHS in Scotland.

Menzies wanted to implement its new care homes delivery operation in a short timescale. This required a reactive pick and pack operation at local unit level to get the right kit to the right places at the right time. So Menzies asked Metafour to adapt its labelling solution. This now sees PPE pick details added to the bottom-right of the label for NHS parcels (as pictured). This modification means Menzies can deploy operations and supplies at speed – an absolutely critical enabler to get the right supplies to where they are needed as soon as possible after landing in the UK.

[vc_single_image image=”18851″ img_size=”large”]
[vc_single_image image=”18852″ img_size=”large”]

Metafour has been a technology partner of Menzies for 4 years, providing shipment booking and labelling solutions for various parts of Menzies’ diverse distribution business.

The Metafour team are proud to play a role in the critical supply chain in this time of need.


Read the article on the Menzies Distribution website here –