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It’s safe to say that 2020 was not the year we were all expecting. Like most companies, when the UK was shut down at the beginning of March we had to reassess our plans and decide what we could do to help our customers through the coming weeks and months. Our product team have worked tirelessly over the last 10 months to create solutions that help our customers remain flexible in an ever changing landscape. So what did this mean for our customers?

SafeSign App

One of the items we are most proud of last year was our SafeSign app. With all non-essential shops closed, deliveries became an important part of life for many people. However, with inherent risks surrounding signing for parcels, our team wanted to design a feature for our app that would protect both delivery drivers and recipients. SafeSign does exactly that. By using QR codes, proofs of delivery can be captured contactlessly via compatible smartphones. The app even works through window glass, so householders can choose to stay indoors for extra safety and comply with all government social distancing guidelines.


The rise in online deliveries also prompted another of our enhancements. In order to capitalise on the new markets being opened up, our software now allows both you and your customers to book pallets. Services can be pre-allocated based on the weight and dimensions of the item, or a specific service can be chosen. Pallets are a great option for businesses sending large quantities of goods, as they help to prevent goods from being damaged in transit.

Enhanced returns

With more deliveries inevitably comes more returns. In order to create a seamless delivery process, we added the ability to provide your clients returns services that are not offered during the booking process. This new inclusion allows you to set up a delivery chain tailored to your client’s specific business needs.

Data retention

The Brexit transition period is now over, and the UK is officially no longer part of the European Union. This does not mean that GDPR rules can be ignored, however, if your database contains personal information about EU citizens. So, to make this more manageable, we have made it even easier for you to archive or purge the data in your system.

Additional integrations

We are constantly adding and updating the integrations in our portfolio, and two of the latest inclusions are GLH Courier and FedEx Freight. Our team has also been hard at work enhancing our existing integrations to ensure that our customers were not impacted by the UK leaving the EU. They have also started work on a new Palletways integration, as we believe that this is an area that will experience huge growth over the coming months.

2021 and beyond…

We are not resting on our laurels. Throughout the year we have been listening to feedback from our customers and adding requested features to our system. And this will not stop in 2021. This year will bring a merging of our courier and mailroom systems, a new framework design, along with live rates. All of these updates are designed to help you grow your business and to ensure that we continue to provide the most comprehensive functionality and the best solutions to the logistics industry.