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In today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce, the ability to meet customer demands for faster, more reliable deliveries is paramount. A critical challenge in many countries is the accuracy of delivery addresses, which often fall short in guiding drivers to the right entrance, especially in rural areas where postcodes cover large regions. Inaccurate addresses result in increased delivery times, higher operational costs, and decreased customer satisfaction.


To address these issues, NetCourier is proud to announce its integration with What3Words, a revolutionary geolocation technology that promises to streamline the delivery process and enhance customer satisfaction.


What is What3Words?


What3Words is an innovative solution that has divided the entire world into a grid of 3-meter squares, with each square assigned a unique combination of three words. This three-word address system allows customers to pinpoint their precise delivery location easily, and it provides delivery drivers with accurate drop-off coordinates.


For example, the three-word address “///word.word.word” could mark the exact entrance to a specific location, such as a business headquarters. This system simplifies the customer’s ability to provide an accurate delivery address and helps delivery drivers locate the destination with precision.


Streamlining E-commerce Deliveries


By integrating What3Words into the NetCourier platform, e-commerce businesses and online retailers can now offer their customers the option to use What3Words addresses at checkout. This feature is designed to reduce the need for phone calls from lost delivery drivers and ensure that customer orders arrive at the precise locations needed, faster and more reliably.


Adding a What3Words address field to the checkout page is a seamless process, eliminating the need for additional directions and significantly enhancing the overall efficiency of the delivery process. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and their customers.


Benefits of Adding What3Words to Your Checkout Process


The advantages of incorporating a What3Words address field into your e-commerce checkout process are numerous:


  • Precision in Delivery Locations: What3Words addresses provide highly accurate delivery locations, reducing the chances of delivery errors.
  • Faster Deliveries: By streamlining the delivery process, businesses can reduce delivery times by up to 30%, making customers happier.
  • Cost Savings: Fewer lost parcels and reduced phone calls from drivers for directions translate to cost savings for e-commerce and delivery companies.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliveries that are accurate and on time lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Effortless Integration: With NetCourier’s What3Words integration, adding the feature to your platform is straightforward.


Which Delivery Companies Accept What3Words?


What3Words is not just a niche technology; many major courier and logistics companies have embraced it. Among those that use What3Words addresses for more efficient deliveries are DPD, DHL, Aramex, and Evri (formerly Hermes). Even if your preferred carrier is not yet utilising W3W’s addresses, you can still implement this feature on your checkout page, ensuring your customers’ addresses are more precise and reliable.


How Do Customers Find Their What3Words Address?


Many customers may already know their What3Words address. However, for those who do not, they can easily find it by visiting the website or using their free app. They should search for their street address, then select the exact 3-metre square corresponding to their desired delivery location, typically the entrance or delivery bay.


Utilise your social media channels and newsletters to encourage your customers to find their What3Words address and use it when placing their next order. By offering more precise delivery locations, shorter delivery times, and cost savings, NetCourier’s partnership with What3Words is a game-changer in the world of e-commerce logistics. Embrace this technology and unlock the potential for smoother, more efficient deliveries that keep your customers coming back for more.


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