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Mailroom Management Software & Hybrid Working

In a post Covid-19 world, the businesses who are going to stand out from the crowd are those who have quickly adapted to the new normal.

With a vast number of people expected to continue working from home for some or all of their week, it has become increasingly necessary for companies to digitise their traditional processes. As a vital channel of information into your business, corporate mailrooms are no exceptions.

Create a secure chain of custody for all deliveries

For companies who now have a new hybrid working structure, there will be many challenges that will need to be assessed and overcome. One of the most important for mailroom management teams will be simple logistics. Keeping track of important documents and packages coming into and out of your business will become increasingly critical to the smooth running of your business. MetaMail mailroom management software allows you to do so with ease.

MetaMail Inbound helps you to create a full audit trail of all items entering your organisation. Manual procedures for this are traditionally time consuming and error prone, with important documents lost in the process, but digitising this can help you to mitigate that risk. Deliveries are visible and trackable through the system as soon as they are scanned in by the mailroom team.

The system also allows you to set-up workflows based on different criteria. For instance, if a member of staff has informed the mailroom that they will be working from home indefinitely, a redirection can be set up that consolidates all of their deliveries to be forwarded onward at specific intervals. As the delivery will be booked via the MetaMail Outbound API, the mailroom and recipient will be able to track it during the entire shipment process. Procedures could also be put in place for staff working from the office a couple of days a week; fully integrated lockers could be used as secure storage, for example.

Connect from anywhere in the world, at anytime

As a cloud-based solution, MetaMail Mailroom Management Software offers your tenants and employees the ability to track, trace, and send their important packages wherever they are currently based. The system has been set-up to offer the flexibility now required from all businesses regarding the timing and location of their work.

Users can use their unique and secure log-in to access MetaMail’s intuitive web portal. From these screens it is possible to view all current and archived jobs, ultimately helping to reduce incoming queries to your mailroom support team. It is also possible to schedule pick-ups from these screens; controlled by the mailroom team and charged against cost centres in order to control your expenditure. Labels are automatically generated by the system, and can easily be printed on home office printers.

Email delivery notifications can also be sent directly to the user’s in-box. Simple to set-up in the main system, these alerts can be triggered by specific milestones, such as ‘received by the mailroom’ or ‘delivered’. Automated templates can be created to your company’s specific branding style and internal language in order to create a seamless customer experience.

Protect yourself with contactless deliveries

As we know, current scientific research suggests that social distancing helps prevent the spread of Covid-19. In order to help your staff and clients reduce their physical contact, MetaMail’s mailroom management software includes safeguarding features.

The first is SafeSign. Traditionally MetaMail’s messenger app allowed users to collect digital signatures and photographs as proof of delivery. A new update now allows messengers to capture confirmation, but from a distance. A unique QR code is created on the messenger’s device at the time of delivery, which is then scanned by the recipient’s camera phone. This brings up a link to the signature box, and the delivery can be signed for as usual on the recipient’s device. This feature prevents your messengers from having to hand over their devices, and signatures can even be collected through glass for added protection.

We can also use the camera in the messenger’s device to take a photograph of the recipient’s name badge as proof of delivery – ensuring there is no contact between the messenger and the recipient

The next is the system’s locker integrations. By connecting with this self-service technology, not only can packages be kept securely ready for collection whenever the recipient is in the office, but mailroom staff can also be kept safer by reducing the need for face to face handovers. Lockers also help to streamline the entire delivery process, as multiple parcels can be delivered to one centralised location.

Diminish risk whilst improving performance

MetaMail’s industry-leading mailroom management system is underpinned by unrivalled consultancy, support, training, and maintenance. The software’s 6-weekly upgrade cycle guarantees that it remains at the forefront of technology, whilst Metafour’s ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate that your data security is always a priority.

Both inbound and outbound modules have been designed to help you monitor, and even surpass, your service level agreements. Different delivery service levels can be allocated to different recipients, and these can easily be monitored by the mailroom management team.

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