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Parcel Lockers And Other Mailroom Technologies

Improve your mailroom management with our cutting edge tech, including parcel lockers, parcel management app, and courier API integrations.

Parcel Lockers

With eCommerce demand not showing any signs of slowing and flexible working becoming ever more common, agility is becoming more and more important to mailroom operations. Adding parcel lockers to your operation allows you to adapt your processes to your precise requirements, whilst minimising the risk of lost or damaged parcels. It is the perfect addition for offices or residential apartments.

  • Secure

    Parcel lockers help you create an assured delivery process, in these days of agile living and working conditions. By leaving deliveries in a parcel locker ready to be collected with a unique QR or passcode, you can create a full audit trail regardless of when the item may be picked up. They help to reduce the risk of lost or stolen parcels, as the lockers cannot be accessed without the recipient’s credentials or the mailroom’s authorisation. All information related to the collection such as time and date are automatically logged in the system.

  • Safe

    Intelligent lockers are an excellent addition to your building to help safeguard your staff and recipients. It allows you to offer contactless deliveries and collections throughout your building, limiting person-to-person contact. Your staff can simply leave deliveries in the parcel locker, ready for collection at a later date. Additionally, if you operate a mailroom in an office, lockers offer your tenants a simple way of delivering items and documents to other people in the building, regardless of when they will be available for collection.

  • Efficient

    This technology allows you to streamline your operations by reducing the time and labour required to sort, organise, and deliver your parcels. Parcel lockers reduce the need to personally distribute every package across your building, as orders can be left in one central, secure place. They also help you save space as dedicated mailboxes are no longer required; lockers are simply allocated to recipients as and when required.

  • Convenient

    Delivery lockers are a good complementary technology for hybrid working and living. As self-service machines, recipients can pick up their package at their convenience. They no longer need to wait until the mailroom is open as lockers offer the ability to collect deliveries 24/7. Pick-up itself is also very quick. Rather than waiting for someone to find out where the item is stored and then going to get it, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code or inputting a passcode, and the item is ready for collection.

  • Adaptable

    Smart lockers are the ultimate in adaptable technology. The software can be tailored to your business workflows, whilst the lockers themselves can be customised to fit your company branding or building aesthetics. A variety of different finishes are available, and you can even add your own customised vinyl artwork. Their modular design makes it easy to adapt to your environment, whilst it is simple to reconfigure them to meet the changing needs of your tenants.

Parcel Management App

Traditional mailroom set-ups are typically very resource-heavy. Alerting recipients that they have a parcel awaiting pick-up, organising and delivering these packages, and dealing with customer queries all take manpower and time. Automating these manual processes not only allows you to do the same work faster and cheaper, but also increases accuracy by reducing errors.

  • Assured

    Parcel management apps are a key element if you are looking to create a full audit trail for all of your packages. By scanning the item at key stages during the delivery process you can build a detailed chain of custody, reducing the likelihood of losing one of your items. This helps to improve your customer service and reduce queries.

  • Productive

    Proofs of delivery and collection are quick and simple to obtain with this clever technology. Depending on your service level requirements or recipient’s needs, there are a number of options. The first is the classic signature drawn on the device’s screen. The second is a photo or scan of a name badge, or some other kind of identification. The last is SafeSign. This clever option allows you to capture signatures contactlessly, via unique QR codes.

  • Practical

    These parcel management apps can be downloaded on either a compatible smartphone or rugged handheld device, depending on your mailroom set-up. They allow your staff to gather tracking information even without internet access, and will sync with the system once reconnected. By using the apps, you can eliminate the need for time-consuming paper records.

Courier API Connections

With the new hybrid working and living conditions, ensuring that packages end up exactly where they need to be can be difficult and expensive. Our courier connections not only offer you home pick up whilst allowing you to send your packages anywhere in the world with full tracking, but our least-cost routing also offers you the ability to save between 10 and 30% of your current courier spend.

  • Economical

    Our courier connections allow you to least-cost route all of your outbound deliveries. By doing so, you can ensure that the most cost-effective service is always chosen, saving you money on every delivery. The system even offers mailroom intervention tools, so your staff can step in and amend the shipping option a user has chosen if it is not the most efficient.

  • Direct

    Our system offers direct integrations with over 30 of the world’s largest courier companies. By connecting with these businesses, you can automate your entire shipping process whilst maintaining a secure audit trail, as tracking details are automatically fed back into your system.

  • Streamlined

    These powerful API connections enable you to access all of your courier accounts from one screen, anywhere in the world. Not only can you book and track your deliveries using the system, but you can also print your own carrier labels for each package.

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