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Following the development team’s hard work, Metafour are delighted to announce the new NetCourier version 7.15! This new release includes …


DX Secure, DX Courier and DX Freight Now Available

DX is a well-established provider of a wide-range of delivery services to both business and residential addresses across the UK and Ireland. Metafour customers can now book the full spectrum of DX products through NetCourier version 7.15. DX Courier and DX Secure are now all available through NetCourier’s client portal, while DX FREIGHT is now available in NetCourier back office.

Offer your customers even more choice for domestic shipments with the new NetCourier DX integration.

  • Make bookings
  • Print DX labels
  • Get back tracking


New Opera Accounting System File Export

NetCourier can now connect to the popular Opera accounting package. In the same way that NetCourier can export data for Sage, NetCourier can now export data in a format accepted by Opera.


13 Week Trading Report

Data sense premium now includes a 13 week trading report. See all your customers who are trading up or dropping off and react accordingly. Very useful for account managers who want to track account growth, or save customer accounts who may be starting to use a competitor. DataSense will show % up or down turn by customer account.


Metafour announcing ISO27001 Certification

We’re proud to announce that Metafour has been awarded the ISO27001 certification.


What Does This Mean for Metafour Customers?

You have an assurance that we are operating in a professional manner that highly values security and is compliant with an internationally recognised standard, which has been audited by an accredited third party. This certification also provides additional clarity and assurance to you when evaluating the quality, breadth, and strength of our security practices.


Watermarking signatures

As part of our commitment to secure business practises, NetCourier will now offer watermarked signatures. Watermarking signatures is one step in protecting customer data against identity theft.