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World is shrinking every day with the advancement of technology. In the service industry customers’ expectations are also increasing making the market extremely competitive. Companies at the top are beginning to realise the advantages that good IT can deliver. Differentiating yourself by adding value in new ways, while also providing a quality service is becoming difficult, but all the more important. Good IT gives top couriers the edge.

The current financial climate has also altered the relationship we have with our customers, our suppliers, our business partners and our colleagues. For these reasons it is becoming more and more vital to closely manage the network of suppliers, distributors and subcontractors you used. This can be achieved through the use of good IT systems. In the courier industry, time is money. Advances in technology have presented companies with unprecedented opportunities to gain competitive advantage, making IT investment the key to survival.


10 Reasons IT gives top couriers the edge:


  1. Processing speed: Advancements in technology mean that processing bookings and dealing with suppliers can now largely be automated. No need for double entry of data or man hours balancing supplier invoices. Software packages like NetCourier by Metafour Ltd are designed to eliminate man hours in processing jobs, data, financial data and analysis.
  2. Better customer service: To stay afloat in a furiously competitive market, service is what keeps people booking time and again. Providing an intelligent and user friendly user front end is all important. Modern software suites are equipped to provide online self-service for users, giving them access to what they need instantly. Booking history, invoice history, tracking updates and statuses and more.
  3. Reduced paperwork: In the modern day of cloud computing, your business can be run online.  Modern software eliminates the need to maintain paperwork, helping you to operate in the most efficient way possible.
  4. Increased productivity: With the right software partner, you can do more work in less man hours. Good courier software will deliver immediate operational benefits freeing up more time to focus on selling.
  5. Sharing and presenting information: In today’s world of social media and information sharing, you will be expected to be able to share updates and critical information instantly with your customers. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need the capability to update your customers of delivery statuses online in real time.
  6. Cost efficiency: Replacing endless man hours doing menial tasks which can now be done in an instant with the right software tools delivers an instant cost saving. You can pass this saving on to your customers, providing true value for money.  
  7. Data analysis: An intimate knowledge of your company’s performance is key to growth and the backbone of building an effective business strategy. IT offers powerful tools to help you make the best use of your own data to gain a competitive advantage.
  8. Mobile workforce: Connect your work force on the road with your workforce back in the depot. Syncing data on the go, keeps your customers informed, and reduces double entry of data.
  9. Hidden costs: Using software to analyse supplier spending will optimise your relationships with suppliers, and eliminate hidden waist would otherwise have missed.
  10. Competitive advantage: With the combined benefits of modern courier software, you can operate at lower cost, provide better service, work faster, and in the end pass all the value on to your customers who will be happier as a result.


Technological innovations in supply chain will impact on how organisations buy and sell in the future. Working with a good IT partner will allow businesses to harness the power of technology to collaborate with their business partners and customers. This is critical if you are to grow and flourish as a business.