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Since 2013 we have seen periodic references in the media to new drone delivery technology set to revolutionise the delivery industry. From Amazon’s “Amazon Prime Air” and DHL “Parcelcopters” and Googles “Project Wing”. Now Google X, a research branch of search engine giant Google has announced that this kind of technology could be a not too distant reality. But Is drone delivery the future?

Now according to BBC news Google has announced that it could launch its drone delivery service “Project Wing” service as early as 2017. Project wing is described as the delivery of goods to consumers using the robot aircraft. The announcement was made by project leader David Vos. At a speech in Washington Mr Vos said “Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017”.

Critics have already started listing possible problems which might cause drone delivery to fail. Strict airspace regulations, privacy concerns, the possibility of easy theft and bad weather just to name a few. And as yet there is no indication whether drone delivery is more cost effective than the existing methods.

It would be naive to think that this kind of automated technology won’t someday be the norm, but it is clear that there are still a few kinks to be ironed out.

Read the full BBC article here.