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How much time do you waste on a weekly basis worrying about invoices? Even the most capable staff will find this critical business function time consuming, when they could be using their time on something else. This is the reality for many companies, but invoicing doesn’t need to be difficult!

Billing your clients will never go away, and if you get the numbers wrong will lose money, or end up carrying out the same task more than once to fix a mistake. But invoicing for a courier company is even more complicated. When you add tariffs, such as: weight matrices, fuel surcharges, out-of-area collections/deliveries, duty and VAT etc etc and this becomes a near impossible task to complete accurately every time. Making mistakes on invoices to customers can create a bad relationship and lead to the loss of customers.

The logical step would be to try and find the best tools to do this job for you accurately so that you don’t have to. But are there tools out there that understand your complicated logistics business?

The Answer is YES. NetCourier is a leading courier software application designed by Metafour Ltd. Metafour has been applying software solutions to real problems in the logistics and courier industry for over 30 years.  NetCourier comes standard with powerful invoicing tools to keep track of both customers and suppliers.

Easy invoice all your customers by email using NetCourier. NetCourier will also automatically check all supplier invoices to ensure you are only paying what you agreed to pay. With the right tools in place, you can turn your company into a thriving businesses overnight. And it’s quick. By making sure you invoice your customers accurately and onetime you will send out the right message, that you are a professional and organised company.

For more detail on how Metafour solutions can help transform your business, click here.