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NetCourier is a smart investment for companies looking to manage every part of their delivery process, with its industry-leading client portal and comprehensive track and trace capabilities. But did you know that it could also help in your efforts to go paperless?


Why is going paperless important?

1.   It make your customers happier
Digitizing your information ensures that it is available to your clients as and when they require it. They no longer need to wait for your office to be open, and for someone to look through filing cabinet after filing cabinet.

2.   It helps the environment
This is an obvious point, but important to mention. By reducing the number of printouts required to run your business, you’re not only helping to reduce deforestation, but you’re also cutting down on the pollution required to manufacture the paper.

3.   It can help save you money
Going paperless can help your staff to increase their speed and accuracy by ensuring information is immediately available at their fingertips. It also helps to reduce the physical costs of printing, such as purchasing paper and labels, printer upkeep, and storage.

4.   It’s safer
Going paperless can help reduce the exposure of your sensitive information. Physical documents can be stolen, or affected by floods and fires, but digitising your documents can help to minimise this risk.


What can NetCourier do to help?

As a web based software, NetCourier is perfectly placed to help you in your efforts to become paperless, and MetApp is at the heart of our system. Drivers can access their manifests through this app, which helps save time and resources historically spent printing out daily copies for each one of your drivers. They can also capture photographic and signature PODs, eliminating the need for handwritten signatures. This is important, as these PODs can be uploaded in real-time to NetCourier’s client portal, ensuring that it is quickly accessible to customers and ultimately helping to reduce delivery queries.

Re-labelling can be reduced using NetCourier, as the system offers your customers the ability to print third-party and own branded labels straight from the client portal. This means that you’re not only reducing your in-house printing requirements, but you can also reduce the possibility of mis-labelling deliveries and save time on double handling.

The system also allows you to create electronic invoices. These replace the need to compile, print, stuff, and post every individual invoice out to your clients, as once created they can automatically be emailed directly out. NetCourier will also create an audit trail so you know exactly when and to whom each invoice has been sent.

We also support DHL and FedEx paperless trade, which allows you to streamline your customs declaration process. It offers you the ability to create electronic declarations to send off to customs, eliminating the requirement to manually sign and attach these documents to each shipment.

As a company we understand that the security of your information is of utmost importance. Regular upgrades ensure that NetCourier benefits from the latest technologies and processes, whilst our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications demonstrate that the safety of your data is our top priority.

If you are interested in finding out more about our software and how NetCourier can help your company to become paperless, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7912 2000 or