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With the Brexit deadline fast looming and the possibility of no deal with the EU, is your company ready for the change? According to HM Revenue & Customs, at the start of August two-thirds of companies who export to the EU still had not taken any steps to cope with a no-deal Brexit. As the government speeds up its preparations for no-deal, they are going to start automatically ensuring all VAT-registered firms in the UK are given an EORI number. This allows firms to continue trading with customers and suppliers in the EU once the UK leaves at the end of October.


But regardless of whether the UK leaves with a deal or not, the logistics industry will undoubtedly be affected. New procedures for import declarations will be required and distance selling arrangements will no longer apply, meaning that your business will need to change current business processes and potentially utilise more resources.


This is where Metafour can help you. Our multi-purpose courier software contains many features that can streamline your Brexit administration. For example, it is simple to set up different pricing zones for different areas, each with their own specific VAT rates or tariffs. These will help you to comply with the new distance selling arrangements without having to sit down and calculate prices manually. Our software will also allow you to gather the information needed on your proforma invoices directly from your customers, but only show these fields if certain customs areas are selected. These features enable you to streamline your processes, reduce double entry, and ensure that your new Brexit processes do not outgrow your resources.


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