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Customer experience is vital to your business. If properly managed, it can help to improve your customer retention and satisfaction rates, along with increasing your ability to up and cross-sell your services. Improperly managed, you can lose customers and damage your company’s reputation. In fact, 50% of customers have left a brand for a competitor who was able to stay more relevant, and better satisfy their needs according to InMoment. Investing in tools that help deliver an excellent customer experience are therefore crucial to businesses wishing to stand out from the crowd. NetCourier allows you to do just that.

Our client portal offers your customers the convenience of their entire delivery process at their fingertips. They can search for their own quotes, compare pricing options for different services, book a delivery, print their own labels, view full tracking information, and download their own invoices, all from one place. This helps to cut down on time-consuming phone calls or emails to your customer service team to chase their deliveries, removing unwanted friction and ultimately streamlining the entire delivery process. It also helps to reduce the need for large customer service teams, by minimising incoming after-sales enquiries.

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At Metafour we are also passionate about keeping our software at the cutting-edge of technology. We use our decades of industry knowledge, ideas from current users, and keen interest in new innovations to ensure that our six weekly updates contain all of the features and functionality your customers need for a smooth delivery. We also make sure that all our customers know what is coming out next so that we can be sure that they are passing on that value to the end users. These updates help to ensure your customer’s will continue to have a good experience, even as expectations and technologies evolve.

If you are interested in finding out more about NetCourier, please contact us on +44(0)20 7912 2000 or