“We see Metafour
as a big part of the
future of our

Matan Ramon, Founder


Based in downtown Haifa in Israel, Lutrra is an international freight forwarding company. Founded in 2010, the company specialises in American imports. Customers purchase their items, and these are then shipped to a US based warehouse. Orders can be consolidated if required, and forwarded to the customer’s home in Israel. Lutrra employs 4 staff in their head-office, and works with different sub contractors across the globe to ensure a seamless door-to-door experience.


Lutrra was looking to grow, but this was difficult with their current business processes. Most of their shipments had to be booked directly with each courier company, which was a time-consuming manual task for staff members, particularly when they also had to respond to all their customers’ queries. To move their business forward, Lutrra required an all-in-one system that would allow them to manage their entire delivery process from A to Z. They also wanted a solution that would give their clients greater control over their deliveries and, as a result, improve their customer service.


Lutrra’s founder, Matan Ramon, spent a long time searching for a solution that would encompass all their requirements in one system. He spoke with contacts and looked online, and eventually came across Metafour. Matan had reservations about whether the company could cope with their supplier requirements and how his customers would feel about moving towards using an online portal. However, after several in-depth discussions with Metafour’s sales team, he was confident that the product would work well with his specific business requirements and went ahead with implementing NetCourier.

“The implementation process was effortless. Suzie helped us from the beginning, and she was a true professional. Her product knowledge and creative thinking helped make the project implementation as smooth as possible. She is an amazing person.”

Matan Ramon, Founder

Working closely with Lutrra, Metafour’s implementation team configured a NetCourier system that overcame all their previous difficulties. An advanced customer ordering system was created with the introduction of the Client Portal. It enabled Lutrra’s customers to manage their entire delivery process from one easy-to-use place, reducing the need for Lutrra’s staff to act as intermediaries and improving their service levels. The advanced tracking features, such as emails that were triggered when parcels were scanned at specific tracking stages, were also popular with Lutrra’s clients.

Although Lutrra are at the beginning of their journey with Metafour, they can see the value that NetCourier will add to their business. They can see how much valuable time they are going to be able to save by clients managing their deliveries online with limited assistance from the Lutrra team, and how potentially costly errors are going to be reduced by managing their entire delivery process in one system.

In numbers

  • Metafour customer since 2019
  • 10 years in business
  • 4 employees