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In 2020, eMarketer reported a 25.7% surge in global retail ecommerce sales. In 2021, they expect a further 16.8% rise, to $4.921 trillion. Many businesses have scaled up their operations to cope with the increased demand, but those who have invested in automation software have stood out from the crowd! The reason? With large volumes, even a small amount of time saved on every delivery quickly adds to your bottom line. So which bits of your business can you automate?



Bulk orders can be quickly uploaded into NetCourier in a variety of different ways, including via API. They are then automatically booked with the optimal service available, and receive a trackable label in return. This process not only helps cut inefficiencies by reducing unnecessary double entries and visiting each carrier’s individual website to make bookings, but it also helps to reduce costly manual processing errors.

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Some of our customers have reduced their inbound customer queries by 60% by implementing NetCourier. Why? By automating their customer tracking options. Not only can notification emails be triggered by specific events during the delivery process such as collection or delivery, but your clients also have access to their full delivery journey information via our integrated Client Portal.



Rather than creating, populating, and emailing invoices to each customer individually, NetCourier allows you to automate your billing. Invoices can be automatically created by the system and emailed out to your clients as frequently as your business requires. Your customers can also view and download their own invoices whenever they wish from the Client Portal.

Invoice reconciliation


For any E-commerce business, reconciling upstream carrier invoices is a resource-intensive, tedious process, but necessary to make sure you are not being overcharged by your suppliers. Rather than manually comparing all of your invoices against your agreed carrier costs line by line, our invoice reconciliation tool will highlight only discrepancies between your bookings and costs for you to manually check and will even update your weights, costs, and sales prices to ensure that all of your pricing is accurate for onward (automated) invoicing to your customer. This also helps you create accurate profit and loss reports, and see exactly how well your business is performing.

Interested in finding out how NetCourier’s automation can help your business? Get in touch. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7912 2000 or book a demo directly.