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Every six weeks we release updates for NetCourier. Each new version contains features and functions that have been evolved in conjunction with our customers, and with wider industry developments in mind. NetCourier v8.3 is released on the 24th of January, and this instalment offers new additions to our Sameday product, helps to reduce customer queries and streamlines price allocation and price check importing.

Updated Sameday functionality

We have worked with Controllers currently using our Sameday package to further refine our product. For extra visibility, stationery drivers ‘bounce’ on the map so fleet locations can be easily monitored and jobs that have been assigned but not accepted now have their very own pin. Additionally, multi-drop planning can now be accessed from both the map and the controller screen, to help save your staff members time.


Data imports and exports

Price charts and price allocation imports and exports are now asynchronous, so an infinite number of records can be amended and modified in one batch. This will help save you both time and resources during renegotiations, or if you are simply updating your prices.


Added client filters

A new milestone filter is available in the reports screen on the client portal, allowing your customers to immediately view the status of their jobs. From ‘collected’ to ‘delivered’, the drop down tab will sort all jobs into these different daily events, so everything is visible at a glance.


Coming in v8.4

v8.3 also lays the groundwork for our returns feature, which will be a major part of our v8.4 release. Due to be launched in April, return labels for all UPS jobs will be able to be printed at the point of booking. With around 30% of all eCommerce sales returned by customers, this additional functionality should help to streamline your processes, reduce time spent on customer queries, and reduce friction for the end consumer.


If you would like further information about our newest releases, please contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7912 2000 or email