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Many of you are aware of Metafour our industry-leading courier software. But did you know that we also offer a mailroom management system? Working with the same basic building blocks as NetCourier, MetaMail allows users to create a secure chain of custody for all deliveries entering and leaving a busy mailroom. A large part of our newest release helps to further refine this product to suit the new post-Covid hybrid office / WFH working practices.

Unattended lockers

eCommerce sales are predicted to continue at current levels even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. This means that mailrooms in businesses, universities, and apartment blocks will still have to deal with the logistics of getting these deliveries to the recipient, without parcels going astray. Our new unattended locker function provides users – be it mailroom staff, delivery drivers, or other users – the ability to leave their deliveries in a secure place and capture a proof of delivery once collected.

Leaving a parcel for collection is simple. The recipient’s name is typed into the in-built screen, the correct person is selected, the size of the parcel is chosen, and then the parcel is popped into the allocated compartment. Once the door is securely closed, an email is sent to the recipient with a QR code or pin number. This can then be used to access the locker and retrieve the parcel. A proof of collection is then sent to the sender to complete the delivery chain.

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Brexit changes

We didn’t ignore our courier software this release either! We continued with our Brexit related updates, to ensure a seamless shipping experience with the European Union. It is now simple to add proformas to your DPD deliveries, whilst DHL paperless trade allows your deliveries to speed through customs.

Coming soon…

2021 is a very exciting time for us. Over the coming months we will be introducing our new live rates, which as its name suggests will save you time and mis-prices by fetching live rates back from the biggest carrier companies. Plus, in the summer we will be introducing our new, improved back-office design with much better user experience plus greater security.

If you have any questions, please get in contact! Call us on +44(0)20 7912 2000, or email