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Due to be rolled out this week, v8.8 focuses on improving the visibility of your drivers on the road. We have also introduced a new integration to our portfolio, added a new accounts export to our list, and refined our back office features. All of these have been designed to help you make your business as efficient as possible.

Enhanced driver visibility

The new active driver screen combines all of the information you may need to know about your vans in one screen. It will not only show you a list of employees who have logged in to MetApp that day, but also their assigned jobs, the weight they are currently carrying on board, their plot area, the next and last delivery postcode, along with their earnings for the past three invoices. With all of this data, you can make informed decisions and effectively run your business.

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Scheduled deductions

It is now easier than ever to organise scheduled deductions for your drivers. Our payment screen now offers you the ability to add the cost of fines, parking tickets, vehicle rentals, and other payback schemes to your driver invoices.


Accounts export

With the addition of our new Sage Cloud exporter, NetCourier now offers the ability to transfer your data to all of the major accounts packages currently available on the market. This includes QuickBooks, Xero and Coda.


Paperless trade

Our UPS integration now offers you the option of choosing paperless trade. This eliminates the need for paper commercial invoices by creating electronic declarations to transmit to customs offices across the globe.

New integration

Our newest integration in our portfolio is Tuffnells. The carrier is a great option for those wishing to deliver large parcels, pallets and freight, both in the UK and abroad.


Updated driver tracking

Our tracking tool has been refined so you can find out exactly where your driver was at a specific date and time. This can help you to speed up query resolution and improve your customer service.

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Outstanding balance importer

If you have credit limits set for your customers, this new importer will allow you to easily upload their current outstanding balance from your accounts package or records. Once over their limit, they will no longer be able to make a booking.


Consignee EIN

If you ship to or from America, then your import and export filings need to include the shipper’s Employer Identification number (EIN). At your request we have now added this as a field to our DHL integration.

If you have any questions about anything in v8.7, please contact your Account Manager. Additionally, you can call us on 020 7912 2000 or email