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As part of our continued commitment to ensuring that our software stays at the forefront of our industry, we release regular updates. They help to make certain you not only benefit from the most up to date features and functionality, but also that your system remains as secure as possible.

Additional integrations

Our integrations portfolio has grown again! We have added Deutsche Post and DTDC to our list of carriers, to help you connect with even more global carriers. Additionally, you can now even book taxis on the portal via our integration to GLH.

Container manifests

Add another level of granularity to your tracking with our new container manifests. You can now add individual item identifiers to your delivery, helping you to track independent items in a box, container or a pallet and improve your customer service levels.

Accounting exports

QuickBooks, Xero and Coda have been added to our list of accounts exports. With Sage Cloud coming in v8.8, it means that you can export your data to the most popular accounts packages on the market, and reduce your need for manual processing.

Advanced booking discount

Our NG-API offers you the new ability to add a discount or surcharge to your deliveries, depending on when the booking was made. With different percentages for different breakpoints, you can incentivize your customers to make bookings when you want them to.

View all bookings

As requested by some of our customers, you now have the option of viewing every booking and delivery made by everyone in your company, all from one screen. This helps to increase the visibility of your deliveries and helps to streamline your customer service. 

Sameday driver invoicing

Batch driver invoicing is now available, with additional costs such as parking tickets and uniform costs added automatically. This should help to decrease admin time spent on this task, whilst increasing efficiency.

what3words updates

The innovative geocoding system’s three words can now be sent via the API and the job import, helping to speed up delivery times and increase accuracy. The addition of what3words makes a great talking point to your prospective customers.

Payment terms

You can now specify each customer’s payment terms on their invoices, which will help you to calculate their due dates. With each payment term explicit, this new feature should help to cut down on late payments.

If you have any questions about anything in v8.7, please contact your Account Manager. Additionally, you can call us on 020 7912 2000 or email