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Here at Metafour we are fortunate that we have the tools and technologies available to allow us to work from home. This means that it has been business as usual over the past 6 weeks, and our development team have worked hard to ensure that our latest update is ready to roll out on schedule over the next few weeks.


FedEx freight integration
Our latest carrier integration allows you access to FedEx’s two international and four domestic freight options. If you regularly send items over 68 kilos, then this integration will allow you to pull back live-rates for your deliveries, and thus choose the best rate for your business.


NetCourier to NetCourier live rates
If you work closely with another NetCourier user, it is now possible to view real-time rates for jobs booked via the API and job importer. This handy addition helps both you and your customers to receive accurate costs for their bookings.


Custom job report updates
The custom job report is a handy, customisable tool that can use the data in your system to create bespoke reports for your business. It now allows you to export data about delivery times so you can accurately monitor your performance against your SLAs.


MetApp scan errors
With large numbers of people working from home, lots of companies are bracing for increased online orders. In order to help reduce errors during the delivery journey, MetApp can now be set to make an error sound if your driver or warehouse operative tries to scan a package that is not in their job list.


Customisable 3rd party integration name
It is now simple to amend the 3rd party integration name on the Client Portal. For instance, if you use Norsk’s DHL option, and just want your customer to see a DHL booking, then this is simple to change in the back office.


If you have any questions about any of these new features, please contact your Account Manager. Plus, as always, if there is anything you would like to see added to our software over the coming months, please just contact us on or +44 (0) 202 7912 2000.